Thursday, February 22, 2018

Styled // Ruby & Teal Glimmer

There are special heirloom pieces and gifts you receive in life that have such incredible beauty, dazzling and inspiring your admiration of their loveliness.  Of the items I own that fall into this category, some are jewelry, and perhaps the most glorious in my box is the newest addition to my brooch collection.  My parents gifted this to me this winter, and I cannot take my eyes off of its brilliance when I wear it.  

I know I will treasure it always, not only for its aesthetic and vintage feel I love so, but because it will always cause me to remember from whom it came and what a special gift it was.
Styling it in all its ruby prettiness is something I am enjoying, as well, and here is a peek into how I styled it the first time I wore it on a recent weekend out spending a fun afternoon.
Some days I think I just feel a bit more sparkly in my soul.  So along with the vibrancy of the brooch, I felt a sequin-accented teal sweater (especially one with a feminine chiffon layer peeking out underneath) would make for a nice combination.  I paired this with high-waist denim and one of my favorite pair of flats ever.
With a bit of a glimmer in this outfit, I thought it nice to wear some simple, classic jewelry pieces: understated pearls and my plain black watch.  Oh, and the other thing around my wrist? Don't mind that, it's just my ponytail-holder/elastic☺ I guess that's one of my teenager habits that I still haven't kicked.  I even have one on my wrist in my graduation portraits that I had forgotten to remove.  It looked oh so lovely next to my dressy bracelets, haha.

Sweater // H-E-B (Texas market) clothing dept.
Brooch // small town local boutique (gift)
Pants // (not shown) Gloria Vanderbilt
Flats // JC Penney
Sunnies // Plato's Closet
Bag // Target

Is anyone else having a velvet obsession?  I have been in love with velvet pretty much my entire life dressing myself, but it seems the colors I see it in get more plentiful and varied and it is more abundant overall.  Thus, I have picked up a quite a few new velvet items to add to my wardrobe in the past year.  These flats, along with an identical style in my closet in an inky blue, are so beautiful to look down at as I walk.
I find there to be something so old-world about this window, probably because I have such an adoration for the aisles and booths full of antiquated wonder that lie behind it.  This antique mall is by far my most favorite, and I'm so happy to not live too terribly far away from it.  Visiting a few times a year to see what is new and making an afternoon of it is something I always enjoy.

.           .           .

Feeling delightfully wintry and lovely in a weekend ensemble is quite a nice feeling for a day out, but even more so do I enjoy photographing the signs, art & murals, antiques, and historic gems in this and every small town I get a chance to visit.  Walking "Main Street America" is a fascinating thing for all that you find and see as you stroll by.  Here are some of my views from that day.
The treasures I brought home from the antique mall to add to my vintage photo collection☺

Is it just me, or has this week gone by in quite a flash?  I feel as if
it were only Tuesday, but here I sit and it is nearly Friday.
I hope your week has gone wonderfully so far!

Do you have any plans this coming weekend?
Are you still enjoying dressing for winter, or ready for spring?
Do you collect brooches or another type of jewelry or heirloom?

Many blessings to you,


Friday, February 9, 2018

Winter Snapshots: Warm Heart, Cozy Days

Warm greetings, dear friends!
How I hope you are all very well and enjoying your winter and this shiny,
 brand new year of  2 0 1 8!
I pray your treasured moments and joyful memories made with your loved ones
were ever so blessed and happy and gleaming with the magic of the season.
How quickly it went by, but oh what loveliness in every twinkle, every cup
of hot chocolate, every evening by the fire, and every chilly night.
And thankfully, the new year has brought many similar nights with it!

The month of January was composed of some very reflective
and meditative moments that I am so, so grateful for... focusing on simplicity
and wonder of each and every day as a gift from the Lord.
I did not expect I would spend so much of the beginning of the year away
from the computer for the most part, but it has been a chance to seek
God and my innermost heart and soul in doing so, especially through the
unadulterated beauty of nature, family time, old-fashioned goodness
of working with my hands, writing, reading, just being home,
and enjoying a balance of mindfulness and relaxation.

I am elated to begin visiting you in the blogging community again, dears,
and I have cheer in my heart to get to say hello today and share a few
glimpses and snapshots of my winter so far, such as...

.             .            .

Spending time in our little town square amidst the glow and dreaminess
of the light displays, a cup of cocoa in hand, cheeks freezing in the chilly air.

Baking sugar cookies while making memories with family in the kitchen
& trying a new recipe that was nothing short of old-fashioned deliciousness!
Frosting and cutting them out was my favorite part (besides eating them, of course)!


Decorating our mantel and the space in front of it and feeling warm and blissful
inside at the vintage feel of our winter town setup, along
with the twinkling of the snowy barn canvas that is the backdrop... The added
fun of the little train we added this year has made for such an experience of
childlike wonder and joy to watch.

Coziness of nights by the fire, our hearts aglow with the delights of the season.

Reading on my cozy new blanket that was a beautiful gift from my parents...
it is adorned with gorgeous poinsettias, one of my most favorite flowers.

Perfectly lovely days, especially rainy and chilly days, taking time to
type out my poems on my vintage Royal 10 typewriter.

A hydrangea blossom my mom gave me from her garden, one of the 
survivors of the freezing days this season.

Selecting my year verse and feeling the Lord place this one in my heart
and in front of me- I prayed I would be led to a verse or passage that provided
my soul with hope and strength.  I praise Him for showing this one to me in
Psalm... comforting my heart and strengthening me and my faith
in the moments when I lack hope and feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Bike rides and brisk walks through the park beneath wintry, gray, overcast skies.

Small town exploring and admiring of architecture along some of my
favorite towns I've grown up traveling through and to. 
Ahh, Main Street America and its nostalgic beauty.

Evenings of puzzle-solving amid soft candle-light and good company.

Bringing home new books! I am so excited to venture into reading about 
backyard bird species I frequently see, and I can't wait to read Betsy-Tacy, as well.
A couple of you, lovely blogging friends, have shared your love of the
series with me and I await getting into it myself.

The first one to enjoy the softness of my new Poinsettia blanket- miss Lucie☺

And more reading, of course.... one of my new favorite vintage/retro-themed books.  
This 1940's fashion guide is nothing short of a dream to look
through if you love vintage fashion.  I can never get enough of the sweetly
sophisticated elegance and silhouettes of 1940's fashion.

.           .          .

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends!
I look forward to sharing some photographs I have recently been
going through, particularly of some daytrips and small town visits or 
a lovely trip to the coast I had the joy of taking earlier this season.

Many hugs to you!

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