Thursday, March 29, 2012

Evening Walk

We just got home from taking a
quick evening walk at the park!
Usually, we go in the mornings, so this was
kind of a neat change and it
is so relaxing to get out in the fresh air
and take a walk in the evening to let the worries
or stresses of the day sort of melt away :)

For me, just setting foot in the fresh air (although I don't think it
cures pink eye!) always makes me feel better, and
more alive no matter what time of day it is.

The sky was so bright compared to yesterday with
the rain... I love the wispy light clouds.

Everything was especially beautiful, green and lush
because of the blessing of rain we just
got!  The little creek that runs through the park was so
much fuller than usual too, and it made a nice little
trickling sound in parts.

I love walks, and now I know I really like them in
the evening!  It's amazing how such a
small part of your day can brighten your mood and make
you feel better.

We just got home and as I type this,
I'm eating a bowl of some delicious fruit with 
strawberries, apples and grapes.  So good.

Feeling thankful for this day, and that tomorrow is Friday,
for Spring fruits, and evening walks :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning, Bookstore trip & Butterflies

It's a little after Four and I feel
like it's still morning... which is a little
strange because I have actually done a lot today
and woke up pretty early.
It has been a nice relaxing Sunday so far...

We woke up early and went to church... I'm always
pretty sleepy and not very alert on the way there but I usually
wake up a bit by the time we're through, so on the way
home it was nice to look out the car window and look at all
the beautiful wildflowers blooming along all the roads!
They are so pretty, and I think so many more are blooming
each week because each week it feels like the blooms
have tripled since the last time we drove by.
I love that scenery, especially out towards the country :)

After church, we stopped by the bookstore for a little
while, which was fun.  I found some good finds,
including a few Southern lifestyle magazines that I always
enjoy reading, and this home decor book (I love home
decor, especially Southern home decor!) I found on sale that
I am so excited about, by 
the beautiful Miss Paula Deen.
It looks amazing just from the
 few minutes I was able to thumb through it
 at the store, so I can't wait to read more of it. It seems like
a charming decorating book... The freshness of
 Spring always gives me the desire to decorate and
make everything feel more bright and open!
. . .

Since we've been home, I just got a much
needed haircut.  I should have added that to my 'simple joys'
of life list from a few days ago, because I love
the fresh, clean feeling of your hair when it's freshly cut
and the brush goes so smoothly through it- it's nice...

...and I have to share this picture I just took. I was just
out on the porch with my puppy and saw this little
butterfly on our outdoor rug.  I thought it was neat that we were
walking around so close
to him and he just landed and stayed there for awhile,
and didn't try to fly away... and I got to get so close
to him to take this picture without zooming. 
I've loved seeing more and more butterflies since Spring has
arrived.  This one was beautiful and had such pretty,
soft wings.

That has been my Sunday.

~May you have a wonderful,
relaxing Sunday~

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Today I thought I would do another daybook entry from The Simple Woman's Daybook , because I really enjoyed doing my first one this week... not to mention what better a day to do it than Friday? :)


Outside my window... there are newly blooming flowers and clear skies.

I am thinking... about what I'm sewing.

I am thankful... for the little things, because even when life is hard, all of the little things add up to make it just a bit better.

I am wearing... my day clothes and my souveneir 'beach' shirt from going to the coast last year.

I am going... to try harder to be healthier and more positive.

I am wondering... about so many different things.

I am reading... more and more of my book!  I'm loving it.

I am hoping... for a blessed weekend.

I am looking forward to... summer. Now that it's closer almost makes it harder to wait, and I can't wait to be more relaxed and carefree :)

I am learning... that life rarely goes the way you want it to- at least a lot of the time it feels that way.

Around the house... everyone is doing something and a meal is cooking.  Enchiladas!

I am pondering... over things I hope to do over the weekend, not to mention how thankful I am that it's the weekend!

One of my favorite things... is when I am about to finish a book and I get excited about wondering what's going to happen at the end.

I am praying... for the health of my family.

A favorite quote for today... "How can there be too many children?  That is like saying there are too many flowers." -Mother Theresa

A peek into my day...
I have two pictures that go together:

I got inspired by the bright beauty of Spring and painted my nails. These came in a set and the Golden color is much more Bronze in person!  I love it, it's like rays of sunshine on your fingers.  The shimmery pink I painted my toenails with and it turned out so pretty and Springy and is so nice with pretty sandals.
Just another small joy of the season- fun, shiny, bright colors :)

. . .

Have a 'simply' wonderful day, and blessed weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Little Things

I try to ponder over at
least a few small, simple
things everyday that I am enjoying
or thankful for- the little joys in life.
Here are a few I am appreciating today :)
. . .

~The beautiful flowers starting to bloom! This is a Hibiscus
flower that I saw had bloomed when I woke up
this morning- it's so big and beautiful.

~Quiet time in the mornings.  I love relaxation of mornings
when I don't have to get up early, and I can just
relax when I get up reading a devotional or just enjoying
the morning over a good
bowl of cereal or whatever I'm having for breakfast.

~Reading at night.  Last night I thankfully got
to read in bed again, and hopefully I will get to tonight
too. I like ending the day like that, especially
when it's raining outside and all I hear is the
soft sound of rain on the roof and it's sort
 of dim and cozy in my room
while I read.

~Enjoying a cold glass of coke. ... Southerners often
just call any type of softdrink 'coke', haha, but I mean
Coca-Cola.  It's so rejuvinating and tastes amazing,
especially when you drink it like a treat and
haven't had any for awhile.  I had a big, ice cold glass
of old-fashioned coke today which is my favorite...
somehow it tastes that much better in a glass bottle.

~Listening to the birds.  I love being home, but I am not
home as much as I would like in the morning, so I don't get the chance
much to watch or hear the birds outside chirping
and singing in the backyard.  It's such a pleasant, cheery

~Homemade Mashed potatoes! I had some with my
lunch today, and they were amazing as usual.  I love
them so much, and no matter how many millions
of times I have had them growing up I never get tired of them.
And I'm not talking about boxed or anything; I mean the
good homemade and mashed kind with melted butter. 
I think that if you haven't had Mashed- potatoes from the South,
you really haven't had Mashed-potatoes at all ;)

I am grateful for all the little things in life
whether they are
food or calming things like bird-songs and
things that are
relaxing or bring happiness
through their beauty!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I recently found this neat woman's or lady's journal entry type daybook
called 'The Simple Woman's Daybook'.  I love the simplicity and old-fashioned
feel of it, and I thought I would try it out.  I believe it is meant to be written early
in the day to ponder over the day ahead, but I was too excited to wait so I will
just reflect on today instead.
I hope to do more daybooks in the future every once in a while also...
the only thing I would change is to call it 'The Southern
Woman's Daybook', hahaha ;)

~created by The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... it is completely dark and a bit breezy.

I am thinking... about tomorrow, about Spring, about things I have to do.

I am thankful... for this day, for the little gifts and joys in life.

In the kitchen... dinner is cooking for our family, which I'm starting to smell :)

I am wearing... my clothes from the day including the shirt in the photo below, although I am
looking forward to changing into my cozy sweatshirt and night-clothes to feel more relaxed.

I am creating... a new piece of clothing I am starting to sew.

I am wondering... what God's plan for my life and my future is.

I am reading... Laura Ingalls' the 'Little House on the Prairie' series, currently I'm on book one which I am
actually reading after the second book.

I am hoping... that I stay feeling as energetic and good as I have the past few days... and that I have a chance to read in bed tonight :)

I am looking forward to... Friday!

I am pondering... over all of the cozy houses I have been looking at and where I want to live
when I grow up.  19 is not grown up to me.

I am hearing... my puppy breathing as she sleeps at the foot of the bed next to me while I write.
I love the comforting feeling of it being just me and her in the room with almost total peaceful silence.

A favorite quote of the day...
"If you don't like the road you're walkin', start pavin' another one."  ... A fellow Southern girl said this- Dolly Parton. Although simple, I believe it's wise and well said.

A look into my day...

Today, I put my hair in banana curls and wore this floral, cool cotton shirt to take in
the loveliness of this second
day of Spring!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring!

Today is a very special day. It's the...

I wanted to just share some of my
favorite things about Spring in the South, and just
the Spring season in general.  So here are a few things
I can think of that I love about
 the Springtime...

1. Wearing bright, cheery colors
- I love getting to wear cooler
clothes in bright colors (and pastels!),
open toed sandals, and bright
and fun colors on my nails!

2. Fresh flowers

3.blooms & wildflowers in the South
-they are beautiful & when
you see a field of wildflowers
it's like a sea of beauty before
your eyes 

4. Spring scents
-I love the lavender and
floral scents in nature
during Spring, as well
as candles with bright and
sweet scents...
most people think of candles for
fall scents, but I love them
in Spring too!
Yankee Candle Co. makes
some heavenly ones!

5. The breezy, beautiful weather
I savor the bright blue skies and
cool days of Spring, because here in
 the South the summers
 are like no humidity you have
ever felt).

6. Baby animals
-from little fawns to chicks &
ducklings and bunnies,
 it warms my heart and
just makes me happy to see 
little animals out and about 
in Spring

7. Birds & Butterflies
- all types of beautiful butterflies,
and Mockingbirds and Humming-
birds are all over this time of year
down here

8. Kite Flying & Bicycle riding
-I love that free feeling you get when
you ride your bike along the street during
Spring, passing all of the flowers
and feeling the wind in your hair...
and Spring is perfect for flying
kites while there is
still enough breeze

9.  Fresh & cheery days
 -this season always gives me
a sense of newness, like everything
is fresh and bright and cheery!
I love that feeling.

Spring is definitely in the air!... although last
night we had a major thunderstorm, so maybe the
weather isn't exactly 'Springy' at this moment,
but it's getting there... maybe here the phrase will
be "March showers bring April flowers"
instead, haha.
I'm so thankful
and excited it's officially Springtime :)

~Wishing you a happy, bright, beautiful Spring~

{all photos courtesy Google}

Monday, March 19, 2012

"...a lazy, still summer's day twenty years ago"

I was thinking today while writing in my journal
(or diary... whatever you prefer) how glad I am I decided to start
keeping one.  I think it's so important to write about
your life everyday or every other day or just as often as you can,
just writing about even the simplest things
that happen from day to day.

I have tried to keep a diary or journal of some
sort for years but I would forget about the
ones I had bought and
find them a year or two later with only a few days
worth of entries... I guess I wasn't old enough to care or
see the importance of keeping one regularly up until about 4 years
ago, which is when I bought a journal and told myself
that I was not going to forget or give up on this one.
And I haven't... I've written anywhere from
everyday to every other day to sometimes even
once or twice a week (when I'm busier)
for these past few years and been through 3 full journals.

This is the one I'm keeping now, and I have filled
about three quarters of it so far...
Another thing I like to do is make my journals more personal
and add sentiment by writing meaningful quotes on
the inside covers. You can sort of see a part of the inside
here where I wrote them in a collage-y type way. & I like to write
anything from famous quotes and quotes that mean a lot
to me to lyrics to inspiring scriptures or words of

I love journaling because it's fun and a nice part of life
to incorporate as a routine, plus it's relaxing to express my thoughts
and feelings about things I encounter in life... so for those
reasons, I get excited about journaling as well as when it comes
 time to buy a new journal each time I fill one up.
This one was a graduation gift from one of my Aunts, and I can't wait
to start writing in it next...
I think this one is lovely, neat and more unique than any
other journal I've owned- it was
handmade/crafted in Italy with Italian
 Leather and has such a neat, authentic feel to it :)

There is an old Southern quote I love that says:
"In the South, perhaps more than any other region, we go back to our
home in dreams and memories, hoping it remains what it was on
a lazy, still summer's day twenty years ago."

This quote makes me think of how important it is to write about life
as it happens and cherish every moment by writing about it, so
you can remember it forever... so you can go back into
those  memories from "twenty years ago" and remember how great it was
'back in the day' or how you used to love this or that, how it
felt to be in your childhood home, or
how nice it was to have those heart to heart talks you had with your
mom on your front porch when you were a teenager...
or just whatever memory of your childhood or life you want
to go back to.
If you document them, they will be there for you, as well as for
others- I know part of what inspires me to keep a journal
of my life is knowing that these journals can one day be a keepsake
for my own children in the future. Think how neat it
will be when your children and grandchildren can look back
on your life.  That's how I look at it, and
it's a neat, comforting and almost nostalgic, magical
And no matter what, I think it's important to write
about everything- not just the good- but the bad, the mistakes
you made, the deaths and heartache you have seen...
because all of it matters.

I hope maybe this encouraged or inspired you to keep a diary
of your life and your thoughts, and write whatever is in your
heart as often as you can!
Life is a precious gift, and whether you think so now
or not, you will want to look back on all of
the moments and memories you lived!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy (yet productive) Sunday

I am grateful for a relaxing, sort of
lazy Sunday today... as you can see my puppy enjoyed
today too, haha... she curled up under this blanket in
her favorite spot at the end of my bed and
fell asleep. The nose & little paw were
all I could see.
Usually I don't love Sundays because they mean
the start of the week is upon us... but I do like them because
they are the perfect for just relaxing, vegging out or staring out a window
and thinking, or watching the world go by, and just 
resting up for the next day... and
maybe even baking a batch of oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies
for your family. so yummy :)

My Sunday was relaxing, but I also did a few productive
things too, one of which was organize some of my
shelves and the top
of my dresser...
I wish now that I would have taken a picture of the 'before' too, because
it looked very different a few hours ago.  I organized my jewelry,
jewelry boxes, some photos, and my lotions & perfumes... I love to
organize because I always find something I forgot I had or thought I had lost,
which is nice.

I always try
to keep my room clean and organized and try to help with
our house, but sometimes it gets away from me... so I guess Sundays
are good for catching up on things too.

~Grateful for this day and hoping you too
had a restful, wonderful Sunday~


Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's almost 10:30 PM
and I just got home from my first ever babysitting job!
I was originally really nervous because it
was my first time alone being completely in
charge of children, especially 3 little boys altogether, and all whom I
had never really met before... but everything went really well!
Here are my sort of 'staple' items that I brought
with me for the night...
... a few good books, snacks, drinks, and the
parents ordered a couple pizzas for the kids and I
before they left which was really nice (you can see the
box in the background) ;)

I really enjoyed babysitting, and I hope the kids had
a good time too.  Since it was my first time, I hope I wasn't overly
attentive- I just wanted to make sure they were taken care of.
I played about 1000 games of hide-and-go-seek
 with them, haha, which was really fun and kind of made me feel
like I was ten again, and hopefully they enjoyed it.  We got pretty
 caught up in it, and before I knew it, it was already
 time for them to go to sleep.

Out of the three boys, the two younger ones were twins, and I'm thankful
everything went alright, but it's funny that they would be twins on
my first time... I saw this episode of 'I Love Lucy'
awhile ago where Lucy found a babysitting ad in the newspaper.
She took the sitting job and the mother dropped off the boy
at her apartment, only to realize that the 'boy' was actually twins;
 the mother hadn't even
told Lucy! 

And they were pretty awful
twins and even ended up tying her up!...
So that was sort of the picture
I had in mind over the past week when I was offered the
job, hahaha, and I am very thankful things went
much better for me than they did
for Lucy.

I'm glad I got this opporutnity tonight and it was nice
sitting for sweet kids :)
I used to read the 'Baby-Sitters Club' books
 a lot, and I would think how fun it sounded to babysit, and it
was kind of a neat feeling tonight to think back on
when I used to read them while getting the
chance to do it myself....
I would love to baby-sit again sometime :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Finished!

So I just finished my skirt a little while ago!
I'm so excited that I have my first ever
 sewing project complete!
It was a simple skirt overall, although some of the seam
 matchings were a little confusing... but I'm really pleased with
 how it came out!
I think it's going to be a good, casual skirt for
everyday and I'm proud of it :)

This lacey detail is the 'hem-facing', which if you're
wondering what on earth that is, (much like I was
since I'm a beginner) it is a band of lace or ribbon
that you fold under and sew along the bottom to create
a hemline for your skirt or shirt or whatever your sewing.
I thought it was so pretty I was
almost tempted to just
sew it along the bottom
as a border ;)

The skirt is made of a light, denim-y material that will be really cool
and comfortable I think.  It comes about mid-calf and has
an elastic waistband.

Just wanted to share!
I can't wait to work on something new and
I'm excited to learn more (I already
started cutting out the pattern
for my next project!)...

I'm also thankful for this learning experience
and sure I'll be sharing more as I sew over the next year,
especially during summer with the humid
forecast here in the South!
I'll be frequenting my sewing-
machine in the AC
sipping on some sweet-tea or
lemonade sewing up something new :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pictures from my Coastal trip!

As we just recently got
back from our trip
to the wonderful Coastline, I thought I would share a few
(or actually quite a few) pictures that I took!

It was a little gloomy down at the coast and very cloudy, and although
I like that kind of cozy weather where I live, it is not as nice having
that kind of weather at the coast because it gets a little humid
 (of course, what can you do? The South is just humid by nature!)
... but we still had a nice time.
Here are the pictures I took in order of how I took them :)

This is the little kitty my Grandma got a few weeks ago,
and knowing she had just got her, I was
excited to see her when we got in.  She was cuter and smaller
than I expected :) and only about 10 weeks old. So precious.
Her name is Mineaux, which is cajun-french for kitty.

We later took a drive out
to the actual coastline (you can see the gloomy weather). 

We went fishing a bit on this little island we paddled out to,
which was really fun.  I loved the view from the island- just the water
out in front of you as far as you can see and the serenity of
having noone and nothing around.

One of the highlights of this trip, and just generally going to the
Coast when we get the chance, is the beautiful views.
I particularly enjoyed this one of the sky with the feathery
sort of pattern in the clouds just before...

...the Sunset!
It was so beautiful on the water.  I thank God for sunsets...
 it was really breathtaking, especially a few seconds
after taking this picture when the sun was nearly gone and
all that was left to see was an amazing bright orange
glow all in the sky reflecting on the water.
So peaceful and wonderful :)

Those are really the highlight pictures of moments of our trip.
It was fun, but I will say- although I have no pictures of this- my
absolute favorite part of this trip and most trips I take
is the roadtrip... I love looking out at all of the trees and ranches and farms
alongside the road as we drive. One ranch even had buffalo on it!
And there were so many beautiful wildflowers blooming alongside
the roads, which was beautiful to see fields and fields
of so many of them.
Not to mention, it is a pretty long trip so we pass a lot of cottages
and pretty houses in the woods on the countryside which
is always a pleasant view!

I'm happy to be home, but the trip, the views, the scenic drive,
 and taking a break from technology and the
busy pace of life for awhile are all things I
am thankful for about
getting away :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A pleasant surprise

Today was really exciting!
Or rather this evening actually...
I am almost a little embarassed to say that
 we found ourselves at the crafts
store once again! hehe, I think I've lost track
of the number of times I have set foot in there over
the past week and a half.
I am almost finished with my skirt (a photo will be up
as soon as I sew the last stitch!) so we decided
to look at more of the fabrics and patterns there...
and when we got to the sewing section we sat down
at the little fabric center where
 they have all the books upon books of different
patterns and chairs on either side of it to sit
and admire all the pretty patterns and pick them out.
I love doing that and just sitting there looking through them.
I remember doing that when I was only about
four or five while my Mom picked out her
sewing things nearby... it was fun even then looking at all
the pretty clothes in the catalogues.
The most exciting part of our trip to the store was when, after
looking through all the patterns in a few of the books and
catalogues, I turned and was pleasantly surprised to see on the cabinet behind
me was a sign that said all 'McCall's' patterns were basically
about 95 percent off the regular price!!!
I couldn't believe it, because each is regularly about 15-18 dollars
unless you buy the 'easy stitch' patterns like the ones
in the catalogue above....
so after the excitement of seeing that sign we ended
up walking out of the craft store with 9 patterns!
It was just amazing, though, because we only spent about 10 dollars
on all of them, whereas at the regular price we would
have paid at least 135 dollars. Wow.  I'm simple, so even
something small like that was enough
to make my night.
Mom and I got most of them to share and a lot were actually
hers but here are the two that I picked out for my
own projects...
The sewing catalogues have such a variety of
different things to sew- bags and purses, clothing, baby
slings, curtains and bedspreads, hats, coats, aprons and more.
I bought a nice simple apron pattern to hopefully sew some aprons
with some pretty calico or something and decorate them nicely...
my idea is to have fun making them and have them
ready come summer to maybe sell at the market days or craft
fairs that they have in the towns nearby :)
The other is a button-front dress pattern that I thought would
make a light, modest, pretty dress.

I'm really excited to get started on new projects.
I love when
you have the blessing, joy, and opportunity of being
able to work on something that you get excited enough about
that you can't wait to start another project and another
after that so you can keep enjoying what you're
It was such a
pleasant surprise to find such an amazing discount tonight too... It sure
made me forget about burning myself with a curling iron right before
we left for the store, hahaha.

& tomorrow I will share some pictures
 of my trip :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Coast!

My family and I are taking a trip to the coastline!
I love going to the coast and it's been something I've
enjoyed since I was very young.

We are leaving this morning and heading there
to have some family fun and visit my Grandmother who
'snowbirds' down here...
which means that she travels south during the winter
because she lives in the North and prefers the winters
in the South.

Here is a photo of the view I took on our last trip to the coast
this past fall...

I love the peaceful feeling of hearing the waves
and looking out at where the horizon meets the water. It's beautiful...
and I love roadtrips. They are such
a fun and blessed time to talk with your family
and create memories all while passing
beautiful scenery.

I'm excited to take this roadtrip and get to say
Hello to the beach again!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crafty Saturday

I love Saturdays...
and this one was especially rainy
and overcast and the type of day I love
to do crafts and craft even though
we just browsed the hobby store yesterday
we decided to go again today!
I think a lot of people must feel the same way and get
to feeling 'crafty' on days like today because it
seems like that store is always full of
creative sewers, knitters and the like who
want to get inspired and start a project on a
rainy day like me.

First, though, we went to a country thrift shop that
has all kinds of great things and even carries
odds and ends for crafts, as well as
fabric remnants, ribbons, and even old used
patterns for sewing.  It's really interesting and neat to look
through the patterns because a lot are vintage, and I have seen
some from the 60s and 70s all the way until recent years.
I think it's neat to know that somewhere years ago
a woman or girl like me was sewing the dress or blouse
for that same pattern.
The used patterns (which are
really nice because they're already cut out!) are only
a quarter so that is nice and saves a lot of
money as well. I bought two :)

Inspired by my first sewing experience last night, when we got
to the hobby store I bought some pretty green fabric
for the next thing I hope to sew- I would like to make
a springy blouse of some sort.  The fabric in the photo is what
I picked out, and it's a cotton in a pretty green color... the photo does
not show at all the vibrant green shade it is... it's more of a
emerald meets grass-green color.
I can't wait to use it.

The jewelry-making aisles are really fun to look through
also, so we admired some of the fun charms
and pendants... these are some I
really liked.  The ones on top are glass pendants;
I thought the hearts would make delicate, sweet
earrings and the little frog was just cute.
I ended up buying two of the doves
for now, to make some nice little

I am feeling so crafty lately (is it obvious? hehe)
and I'm so thankful that we have little things like this in life to
give us joy :)

~May you find or keep enjoying what you love... knitting, sewing,
crocheting, painting, pottery or whatever pleases your heart~

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sew Exciting

I had such a blessed day today!
Something happened that I am so excited about...
I started sewing this evening!  I had had very
little experience sewing before... but it was put upon my
heart recently that I should try sewing. 
 Although I wanted to try knitting, it
just seems pretty confusing to me, so for now
 I thought I'd try sewing.

After some outside inspirations,
I first become seriously interested in sewing
a few weeks ago when my Mom and I went to the craft/hobby
store in our town.  I loved the idea of creating
something beautiful that myself or someone else could
wear, and after looking at all the beautiful fabrics and ribbon to choose
from I decided to try it out.
We went back today to pick up a few things to get me

...And after only one time, I can say that I will definitely
keep sewing and I hope to learn more and more about it.
I love homemaking and everything about it (I often wish I would have
 lived when my Grandmothers had, when home-ec. was
a mandatory class for young girls) so
sewing felt like a nice fit for me.
Homemaking is something close to my heart
that I feel I am meant to do one day, and you might have
heard that Southern girls know how to cook and how to sew!...
 so I guess I'm on my
way, haha :)

The very first thing I'm starting with is a simple skirt.
I am well into it after a few hours of sewing tonight and I'm
really enjoying working on it.

I will post a picture of this first project as soon as it
is finished!

~starting my first few stitches~

~Have a beautiful weekend!~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Travel Bug

  Do you ever get a little tired of the
everyday monotony that life sometimes has and crave the
chance to explore new places? 
I've been feeling
like that for about the past week,
and as a result I have had travelling and beautiful
destinations on my mind...
Sitting at home today, I was thinking how there is
so much of the world, let alone America,
that I have yet to see. Even being from
the South, there are so many beautiful places I
have never seen down here.
 So here are a few
places I would travel to to enjoy God's graces
right now if I could (some Southern,
some not)...

Savannah, GA
I love the beautiful, scenic
feel and the classic Old Southern charm
of Savannah- plus the fact that it's near
the water!

Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia
There are no words to
describe the sense of peace you feel
when you're amongst mountains,
forests and waterfalls. They are 
truly beautiful and 

Natchitoches, LA
Part of my Southern heritage lies
in Louisiana, but I have only been there a few
times very long ago.  Ever since seeing
'Steel Magnolias' I have wanted
to visit the charming, old historical city of
Natchitoches.  It is so pretty
and in pictures it seems to have the most
southern feel of any town I've ever seen, with it's
old-fashioned beautiful homes, downtown area, and it
even has a river running through.


Petit Jean State Park, AR
I have always dreamed of going to a place
like this where you can hike
through the woods, stand on the edge of a cliff and
look out on the land, and just experience
nature and feel
completely free!

There are so many places I hope to travel to someday, but
the one I have recently had on my mind the most

The Grand Canyon
I don't even know how breathtakingly
amazing it must be to stand over the
Grand Canyon and look
down on it's vastness.  It seems
a little overwhelming,
but definitely amazing without a doubt.

It just started raining outside!  Today is another cozy
day I am so thankful for.  I just want to get some hot chocolate and
cookies and look at my big book of the Country's most scenic
places to visit!

Thankful for this day & dreaming of the
Grand Canyon :)

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