Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's almost 10:30 PM
and I just got home from my first ever babysitting job!
I was originally really nervous because it
was my first time alone being completely in
charge of children, especially 3 little boys altogether, and all whom I
had never really met before... but everything went really well!
Here are my sort of 'staple' items that I brought
with me for the night...
... a few good books, snacks, drinks, and the
parents ordered a couple pizzas for the kids and I
before they left which was really nice (you can see the
box in the background) ;)

I really enjoyed babysitting, and I hope the kids had
a good time too.  Since it was my first time, I hope I wasn't overly
attentive- I just wanted to make sure they were taken care of.
I played about 1000 games of hide-and-go-seek
 with them, haha, which was really fun and kind of made me feel
like I was ten again, and hopefully they enjoyed it.  We got pretty
 caught up in it, and before I knew it, it was already
 time for them to go to sleep.

Out of the three boys, the two younger ones were twins, and I'm thankful
everything went alright, but it's funny that they would be twins on
my first time... I saw this episode of 'I Love Lucy'
awhile ago where Lucy found a babysitting ad in the newspaper.
She took the sitting job and the mother dropped off the boy
at her apartment, only to realize that the 'boy' was actually twins;
 the mother hadn't even
told Lucy! 

And they were pretty awful
twins and even ended up tying her up!...
So that was sort of the picture
I had in mind over the past week when I was offered the
job, hahaha, and I am very thankful things went
much better for me than they did
for Lucy.

I'm glad I got this opporutnity tonight and it was nice
sitting for sweet kids :)
I used to read the 'Baby-Sitters Club' books
 a lot, and I would think how fun it sounded to babysit, and it
was kind of a neat feeling tonight to think back on
when I used to read them while getting the
chance to do it myself....
I would love to baby-sit again sometime :)

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