Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pictures from my Coastal trip!

As we just recently got
back from our trip
to the wonderful Coastline, I thought I would share a few
(or actually quite a few) pictures that I took!

It was a little gloomy down at the coast and very cloudy, and although
I like that kind of cozy weather where I live, it is not as nice having
that kind of weather at the coast because it gets a little humid
 (of course, what can you do? The South is just humid by nature!)
... but we still had a nice time.
Here are the pictures I took in order of how I took them :)

This is the little kitty my Grandma got a few weeks ago,
and knowing she had just got her, I was
excited to see her when we got in.  She was cuter and smaller
than I expected :) and only about 10 weeks old. So precious.
Her name is Mineaux, which is cajun-french for kitty.

We later took a drive out
to the actual coastline (you can see the gloomy weather). 

We went fishing a bit on this little island we paddled out to,
which was really fun.  I loved the view from the island- just the water
out in front of you as far as you can see and the serenity of
having noone and nothing around.

One of the highlights of this trip, and just generally going to the
Coast when we get the chance, is the beautiful views.
I particularly enjoyed this one of the sky with the feathery
sort of pattern in the clouds just before...

...the Sunset!
It was so beautiful on the water.  I thank God for sunsets...
 it was really breathtaking, especially a few seconds
after taking this picture when the sun was nearly gone and
all that was left to see was an amazing bright orange
glow all in the sky reflecting on the water.
So peaceful and wonderful :)

Those are really the highlight pictures of moments of our trip.
It was fun, but I will say- although I have no pictures of this- my
absolute favorite part of this trip and most trips I take
is the roadtrip... I love looking out at all of the trees and ranches and farms
alongside the road as we drive. One ranch even had buffalo on it!
And there were so many beautiful wildflowers blooming alongside
the roads, which was beautiful to see fields and fields
of so many of them.
Not to mention, it is a pretty long trip so we pass a lot of cottages
and pretty houses in the woods on the countryside which
is always a pleasant view!

I'm happy to be home, but the trip, the views, the scenic drive,
 and taking a break from technology and the
busy pace of life for awhile are all things I
am thankful for about
getting away :)

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