Monday, March 5, 2012

Breezes & Blooms!

Today was so free and breezy and nice!
I am usually not a fan of Mondays.  I don't think
I know of anyone who loves Monday...
but for me the weather
and how I feel, or just one great
thing can make all
the difference!

The afternoon was the best part of the day.
I walked around
and looked for a place to sit
and relax and eat a little something.
While I was walking, I passed these beautiful trees!
Until this month I feel like I have never
seen them much before... but suddenly they are
everywhere I go.

They have really pretty purple blossoms
that smell like grape kool-aid!
When you walk by you can
get a good whiff of the smell and
it's really refreshing.

I found a nice spot to sit on a low
little wall next to this REALLY tall building.
It felt wierd sitting right next to it and
looking up.... that was my view
of the sky
from where I sat.
You can see I was under a little
tree too, so the shade was nice.  It
was actually
another one of the 'kool-aid' trees,
as I call them now, hahaha.

There was THE nicest breeze out
today too!  It felt great, though, and I felt
really free... cool breezes, beautiful
weather, wind in my hair,
and I wore no
makeup today so that in itself
felt good!

Later, I
walked around a little more and
found these...
they were such beautiful
flowers I couldn't
help but take a picture of them
in the flower bed.
I love bright,
cheery, blooming flowers like this!  They really
get me in the mood for Spring ... and it sure
is a beautiful season
in the South
with all the wildflowers in nature that
blossom everywhere!

I don't need too much help
with feeling ready for Spring though...
I felt it today
even before I left this morning...
I even pulled out my favorite flowery
sandals, that I haven't
worn since this past summer, to go
along with my Spring
fever ;)

I am so thankful for days like today!
Happy breezy, beautiful Monday to you if
   you're reading this! :)


  1. I see those trees everywhere now too! And they do smell like grape koolaid! That's really cool :-)

    1. oh cool you've seen them too?!! i know, it seems like they're everywhere & it's kinda strange but neat too... hope you're having a 'sweet as kool-aid' weekend Rand! thanks for commenting :)


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