Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Coast!

My family and I are taking a trip to the coastline!
I love going to the coast and it's been something I've
enjoyed since I was very young.

We are leaving this morning and heading there
to have some family fun and visit my Grandmother who
'snowbirds' down here...
which means that she travels south during the winter
because she lives in the North and prefers the winters
in the South.

Here is a photo of the view I took on our last trip to the coast
this past fall...

I love the peaceful feeling of hearing the waves
and looking out at where the horizon meets the water. It's beautiful...
and I love roadtrips. They are such
a fun and blessed time to talk with your family
and create memories all while passing
beautiful scenery.

I'm excited to take this roadtrip and get to say
Hello to the beach again!

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