Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crafty Saturday

I love Saturdays...
and this one was especially rainy
and overcast and the type of day I love
to do crafts and craft even though
we just browsed the hobby store yesterday
we decided to go again today!
I think a lot of people must feel the same way and get
to feeling 'crafty' on days like today because it
seems like that store is always full of
creative sewers, knitters and the like who
want to get inspired and start a project on a
rainy day like me.

First, though, we went to a country thrift shop that
has all kinds of great things and even carries
odds and ends for crafts, as well as
fabric remnants, ribbons, and even old used
patterns for sewing.  It's really interesting and neat to look
through the patterns because a lot are vintage, and I have seen
some from the 60s and 70s all the way until recent years.
I think it's neat to know that somewhere years ago
a woman or girl like me was sewing the dress or blouse
for that same pattern.
The used patterns (which are
really nice because they're already cut out!) are only
a quarter so that is nice and saves a lot of
money as well. I bought two :)

Inspired by my first sewing experience last night, when we got
to the hobby store I bought some pretty green fabric
for the next thing I hope to sew- I would like to make
a springy blouse of some sort.  The fabric in the photo is what
I picked out, and it's a cotton in a pretty green color... the photo does
not show at all the vibrant green shade it is... it's more of a
emerald meets grass-green color.
I can't wait to use it.

The jewelry-making aisles are really fun to look through
also, so we admired some of the fun charms
and pendants... these are some I
really liked.  The ones on top are glass pendants;
I thought the hearts would make delicate, sweet
earrings and the little frog was just cute.
I ended up buying two of the doves
for now, to make some nice little

I am feeling so crafty lately (is it obvious? hehe)
and I'm so thankful that we have little things like this in life to
give us joy :)

~May you find or keep enjoying what you love... knitting, sewing,
crocheting, painting, pottery or whatever pleases your heart~

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