Thursday, March 29, 2012

Evening Walk

We just got home from taking a
quick evening walk at the park!
Usually, we go in the mornings, so this was
kind of a neat change and it
is so relaxing to get out in the fresh air
and take a walk in the evening to let the worries
or stresses of the day sort of melt away :)

For me, just setting foot in the fresh air (although I don't think it
cures pink eye!) always makes me feel better, and
more alive no matter what time of day it is.

The sky was so bright compared to yesterday with
the rain... I love the wispy light clouds.

Everything was especially beautiful, green and lush
because of the blessing of rain we just
got!  The little creek that runs through the park was so
much fuller than usual too, and it made a nice little
trickling sound in parts.

I love walks, and now I know I really like them in
the evening!  It's amazing how such a
small part of your day can brighten your mood and make
you feel better.

We just got home and as I type this,
I'm eating a bowl of some delicious fruit with 
strawberries, apples and grapes.  So good.

Feeling thankful for this day, and that tomorrow is Friday,
for Spring fruits, and evening walks :)

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