Friday, March 9, 2012

Sew Exciting

I had such a blessed day today!
Something happened that I am so excited about...
I started sewing this evening!  I had had very
little experience sewing before... but it was put upon my
heart recently that I should try sewing. 
 Although I wanted to try knitting, it
just seems pretty confusing to me, so for now
 I thought I'd try sewing.

After some outside inspirations,
I first become seriously interested in sewing
a few weeks ago when my Mom and I went to the craft/hobby
store in our town.  I loved the idea of creating
something beautiful that myself or someone else could
wear, and after looking at all the beautiful fabrics and ribbon to choose
from I decided to try it out.
We went back today to pick up a few things to get me

...And after only one time, I can say that I will definitely
keep sewing and I hope to learn more and more about it.
I love homemaking and everything about it (I often wish I would have
 lived when my Grandmothers had, when home-ec. was
a mandatory class for young girls) so
sewing felt like a nice fit for me.
Homemaking is something close to my heart
that I feel I am meant to do one day, and you might have
heard that Southern girls know how to cook and how to sew!...
 so I guess I'm on my
way, haha :)

The very first thing I'm starting with is a simple skirt.
I am well into it after a few hours of sewing tonight and I'm
really enjoying working on it.

I will post a picture of this first project as soon as it
is finished!

~starting my first few stitches~

~Have a beautiful weekend!~

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