Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Finished!

So I just finished my skirt a little while ago!
I'm so excited that I have my first ever
 sewing project complete!
It was a simple skirt overall, although some of the seam
 matchings were a little confusing... but I'm really pleased with
 how it came out!
I think it's going to be a good, casual skirt for
everyday and I'm proud of it :)

This lacey detail is the 'hem-facing', which if you're
wondering what on earth that is, (much like I was
since I'm a beginner) it is a band of lace or ribbon
that you fold under and sew along the bottom to create
a hemline for your skirt or shirt or whatever your sewing.
I thought it was so pretty I was
almost tempted to just
sew it along the bottom
as a border ;)

The skirt is made of a light, denim-y material that will be really cool
and comfortable I think.  It comes about mid-calf and has
an elastic waistband.

Just wanted to share!
I can't wait to work on something new and
I'm excited to learn more (I already
started cutting out the pattern
for my next project!)...

I'm also thankful for this learning experience
and sure I'll be sharing more as I sew over the next year,
especially during summer with the humid
forecast here in the South!
I'll be frequenting my sewing-
machine in the AC
sipping on some sweet-tea or
lemonade sewing up something new :)

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