Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring!

Today is a very special day. It's the...

I wanted to just share some of my
favorite things about Spring in the South, and just
the Spring season in general.  So here are a few things
I can think of that I love about
 the Springtime...

1. Wearing bright, cheery colors
- I love getting to wear cooler
clothes in bright colors (and pastels!),
open toed sandals, and bright
and fun colors on my nails!

2. Fresh flowers

3.blooms & wildflowers in the South
-they are beautiful & when
you see a field of wildflowers
it's like a sea of beauty before
your eyes 

4. Spring scents
-I love the lavender and
floral scents in nature
during Spring, as well
as candles with bright and
sweet scents...
most people think of candles for
fall scents, but I love them
in Spring too!
Yankee Candle Co. makes
some heavenly ones!

5. The breezy, beautiful weather
I savor the bright blue skies and
cool days of Spring, because here in
 the South the summers
 are like no humidity you have
ever felt).

6. Baby animals
-from little fawns to chicks &
ducklings and bunnies,
 it warms my heart and
just makes me happy to see 
little animals out and about 
in Spring

7. Birds & Butterflies
- all types of beautiful butterflies,
and Mockingbirds and Humming-
birds are all over this time of year
down here

8. Kite Flying & Bicycle riding
-I love that free feeling you get when
you ride your bike along the street during
Spring, passing all of the flowers
and feeling the wind in your hair...
and Spring is perfect for flying
kites while there is
still enough breeze

9.  Fresh & cheery days
 -this season always gives me
a sense of newness, like everything
is fresh and bright and cheery!
I love that feeling.

Spring is definitely in the air!... although last
night we had a major thunderstorm, so maybe the
weather isn't exactly 'Springy' at this moment,
but it's getting there... maybe here the phrase will
be "March showers bring April flowers"
instead, haha.
I'm so thankful
and excited it's officially Springtime :)

~Wishing you a happy, bright, beautiful Spring~

{all photos courtesy Google}

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