Monday, March 19, 2012

"...a lazy, still summer's day twenty years ago"

I was thinking today while writing in my journal
(or diary... whatever you prefer) how glad I am I decided to start
keeping one.  I think it's so important to write about
your life everyday or every other day or just as often as you can,
just writing about even the simplest things
that happen from day to day.

I have tried to keep a diary or journal of some
sort for years but I would forget about the
ones I had bought and
find them a year or two later with only a few days
worth of entries... I guess I wasn't old enough to care or
see the importance of keeping one regularly up until about 4 years
ago, which is when I bought a journal and told myself
that I was not going to forget or give up on this one.
And I haven't... I've written anywhere from
everyday to every other day to sometimes even
once or twice a week (when I'm busier)
for these past few years and been through 3 full journals.

This is the one I'm keeping now, and I have filled
about three quarters of it so far...
Another thing I like to do is make my journals more personal
and add sentiment by writing meaningful quotes on
the inside covers. You can sort of see a part of the inside
here where I wrote them in a collage-y type way. & I like to write
anything from famous quotes and quotes that mean a lot
to me to lyrics to inspiring scriptures or words of

I love journaling because it's fun and a nice part of life
to incorporate as a routine, plus it's relaxing to express my thoughts
and feelings about things I encounter in life... so for those
reasons, I get excited about journaling as well as when it comes
 time to buy a new journal each time I fill one up.
This one was a graduation gift from one of my Aunts, and I can't wait
to start writing in it next...
I think this one is lovely, neat and more unique than any
other journal I've owned- it was
handmade/crafted in Italy with Italian
 Leather and has such a neat, authentic feel to it :)

There is an old Southern quote I love that says:
"In the South, perhaps more than any other region, we go back to our
home in dreams and memories, hoping it remains what it was on
a lazy, still summer's day twenty years ago."

This quote makes me think of how important it is to write about life
as it happens and cherish every moment by writing about it, so
you can remember it forever... so you can go back into
those  memories from "twenty years ago" and remember how great it was
'back in the day' or how you used to love this or that, how it
felt to be in your childhood home, or
how nice it was to have those heart to heart talks you had with your
mom on your front porch when you were a teenager...
or just whatever memory of your childhood or life you want
to go back to.
If you document them, they will be there for you, as well as for
others- I know part of what inspires me to keep a journal
of my life is knowing that these journals can one day be a keepsake
for my own children in the future. Think how neat it
will be when your children and grandchildren can look back
on your life.  That's how I look at it, and
it's a neat, comforting and almost nostalgic, magical
And no matter what, I think it's important to write
about everything- not just the good- but the bad, the mistakes
you made, the deaths and heartache you have seen...
because all of it matters.

I hope maybe this encouraged or inspired you to keep a diary
of your life and your thoughts, and write whatever is in your
heart as often as you can!
Life is a precious gift, and whether you think so now
or not, you will want to look back on all of
the moments and memories you lived!


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