Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Little Things

I try to ponder over at
least a few small, simple
things everyday that I am enjoying
or thankful for- the little joys in life.
Here are a few I am appreciating today :)
. . .

~The beautiful flowers starting to bloom! This is a Hibiscus
flower that I saw had bloomed when I woke up
this morning- it's so big and beautiful.

~Quiet time in the mornings.  I love relaxation of mornings
when I don't have to get up early, and I can just
relax when I get up reading a devotional or just enjoying
the morning over a good
bowl of cereal or whatever I'm having for breakfast.

~Reading at night.  Last night I thankfully got
to read in bed again, and hopefully I will get to tonight
too. I like ending the day like that, especially
when it's raining outside and all I hear is the
soft sound of rain on the roof and it's sort
 of dim and cozy in my room
while I read.

~Enjoying a cold glass of coke. ... Southerners often
just call any type of softdrink 'coke', haha, but I mean
Coca-Cola.  It's so rejuvinating and tastes amazing,
especially when you drink it like a treat and
haven't had any for awhile.  I had a big, ice cold glass
of old-fashioned coke today which is my favorite...
somehow it tastes that much better in a glass bottle.

~Listening to the birds.  I love being home, but I am not
home as much as I would like in the morning, so I don't get the chance
much to watch or hear the birds outside chirping
and singing in the backyard.  It's such a pleasant, cheery

~Homemade Mashed potatoes! I had some with my
lunch today, and they were amazing as usual.  I love
them so much, and no matter how many millions
of times I have had them growing up I never get tired of them.
And I'm not talking about boxed or anything; I mean the
good homemade and mashed kind with melted butter. 
I think that if you haven't had Mashed- potatoes from the South,
you really haven't had Mashed-potatoes at all ;)

I am grateful for all the little things in life
whether they are
food or calming things like bird-songs and
things that are
relaxing or bring happiness
through their beauty!

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