Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Babies

Sweet, smiling, pink, adorable, precious babies!

The reason I'm blogging about babies is because two
new babies were recently born in my family-
my extended family that is- a baby boy
and a baby girl. I have two
 new family members :)  I haven't even seen them both
in person yet because one lives
a ways from me, but they are quite
cute from  the pictures I've

If you've ever had the privelege of seeing a baby in it's first week
or so of life, it's truly an amazing thing to see.  They look so... brand new...
hahaha, that's the only way to put it really.  But they
are truly one of God's great little gifts
to the world- who doesn't smile (even if only on the inside)
when they see a baby?!

If you haven't been around a newborn
 baby, or any baby at all, I hope you get
a chance to sometime in your life.
Seeing that little life reminds you how precious life really
is, and how thankful we all should
be that we are so fortunate to have them come into
our lives.
Besides, I know I have been to so many funerals
in my lifetime already, for my own family and to
support other families... so you have to take advantage
of the chance to see a new life after it's
brought into the world, rather than one being taken

I couldn't help but include this-
it doesn't get much sweeter
than this!

Have a day as sweet and happy
as a new baby!

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