Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A pleasant surprise

Today was really exciting!
Or rather this evening actually...
I am almost a little embarassed to say that
 we found ourselves at the crafts
store once again! hehe, I think I've lost track
of the number of times I have set foot in there over
the past week and a half.
I am almost finished with my skirt (a photo will be up
as soon as I sew the last stitch!) so we decided
to look at more of the fabrics and patterns there...
and when we got to the sewing section we sat down
at the little fabric center where
 they have all the books upon books of different
patterns and chairs on either side of it to sit
and admire all the pretty patterns and pick them out.
I love doing that and just sitting there looking through them.
I remember doing that when I was only about
four or five while my Mom picked out her
sewing things nearby... it was fun even then looking at all
the pretty clothes in the catalogues.
The most exciting part of our trip to the store was when, after
looking through all the patterns in a few of the books and
catalogues, I turned and was pleasantly surprised to see on the cabinet behind
me was a sign that said all 'McCall's' patterns were basically
about 95 percent off the regular price!!!
I couldn't believe it, because each is regularly about 15-18 dollars
unless you buy the 'easy stitch' patterns like the ones
in the catalogue above....
so after the excitement of seeing that sign we ended
up walking out of the craft store with 9 patterns!
It was just amazing, though, because we only spent about 10 dollars
on all of them, whereas at the regular price we would
have paid at least 135 dollars. Wow.  I'm simple, so even
something small like that was enough
to make my night.
Mom and I got most of them to share and a lot were actually
hers but here are the two that I picked out for my
own projects...
The sewing catalogues have such a variety of
different things to sew- bags and purses, clothing, baby
slings, curtains and bedspreads, hats, coats, aprons and more.
I bought a nice simple apron pattern to hopefully sew some aprons
with some pretty calico or something and decorate them nicely...
my idea is to have fun making them and have them
ready come summer to maybe sell at the market days or craft
fairs that they have in the towns nearby :)
The other is a button-front dress pattern that I thought would
make a light, modest, pretty dress.

I'm really excited to get started on new projects.
I love when
you have the blessing, joy, and opportunity of being
able to work on something that you get excited enough about
that you can't wait to start another project and another
after that so you can keep enjoying what you're
It was such a
pleasant surprise to find such an amazing discount tonight too... It sure
made me forget about burning myself with a curling iron right before
we left for the store, hahaha.

& tomorrow I will share some pictures
 of my trip :)

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