Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday Stroll

I love Saturdays!
They are probably my favorite day of the entire week because
I can relax more and I don't have to go anywhere.  Friday is great too,
but Saturday is best because it's so carefree! 
I was looking through some photos I took this Saturday-yesterday- and
thought I'd share some of my day...
The main thing I did with my family was take a nice stroll
through the park.
I love this park!  It's a pretty large one in my town
that is so open and green and beautiful, but it has a lot of
nice trees as you can see.
And yesterday was such a nice, bright yet cool day- it was
perfect!  Just look at the clear sky and
 those pretty, white clouds.
Here's what it looks like when you walk deep in
beneath the trees.  It's very peaceful.
And best of all....
... a quaint little creek runs through it. Not "A River
Runs Through It" haha (if you've seen that movie) but a
small, peaceful, trickling little creek.
I love getting out, especially now right before Spring officially hits
because down South the weather is perfectly wonderful
around this time of year.  Plus, there are no
bees yet, which anyone who knows me well can tell you I
am just a bit afraid of.

It was really nice walking in the fresh air, though, and my little
puppy Lucie really appreciated getting a walk in too!
She loves this park just as much as me.
And right before we left home and headed
to the park, I took a funny
photo of her that I got a kick out of. I love little
animals, they always make you smile and laugh!...
When we were making breakfast, a tortilla got dropped
and you can guess who claimed it...
I caught her red handed as she was running off,
and took a photo...
and she wouldn't let go of that tortilla for anything. Doesn't
she look shameful? haha... But even dogs know
good food when they see it!

Fresh air, a park stroll &
a thieving puppy...
That was my Saturday!


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