Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning, Bookstore trip & Butterflies

It's a little after Four and I feel
like it's still morning... which is a little
strange because I have actually done a lot today
and woke up pretty early.
It has been a nice relaxing Sunday so far...

We woke up early and went to church... I'm always
pretty sleepy and not very alert on the way there but I usually
wake up a bit by the time we're through, so on the way
home it was nice to look out the car window and look at all
the beautiful wildflowers blooming along all the roads!
They are so pretty, and I think so many more are blooming
each week because each week it feels like the blooms
have tripled since the last time we drove by.
I love that scenery, especially out towards the country :)

After church, we stopped by the bookstore for a little
while, which was fun.  I found some good finds,
including a few Southern lifestyle magazines that I always
enjoy reading, and this home decor book (I love home
decor, especially Southern home decor!) I found on sale that
I am so excited about, by 
the beautiful Miss Paula Deen.
It looks amazing just from the
 few minutes I was able to thumb through it
 at the store, so I can't wait to read more of it. It seems like
a charming decorating book... The freshness of
 Spring always gives me the desire to decorate and
make everything feel more bright and open!
. . .

Since we've been home, I just got a much
needed haircut.  I should have added that to my 'simple joys'
of life list from a few days ago, because I love
the fresh, clean feeling of your hair when it's freshly cut
and the brush goes so smoothly through it- it's nice...

...and I have to share this picture I just took. I was just
out on the porch with my puppy and saw this little
butterfly on our outdoor rug.  I thought it was neat that we were
walking around so close
to him and he just landed and stayed there for awhile,
and didn't try to fly away... and I got to get so close
to him to take this picture without zooming. 
I've loved seeing more and more butterflies since Spring has
arrived.  This one was beautiful and had such pretty,
soft wings.

That has been my Sunday.

~May you have a wonderful,
relaxing Sunday~

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