Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Travel Bug

  Do you ever get a little tired of the
everyday monotony that life sometimes has and crave the
chance to explore new places? 
I've been feeling
like that for about the past week,
and as a result I have had travelling and beautiful
destinations on my mind...
Sitting at home today, I was thinking how there is
so much of the world, let alone America,
that I have yet to see. Even being from
the South, there are so many beautiful places I
have never seen down here.
 So here are a few
places I would travel to to enjoy God's graces
right now if I could (some Southern,
some not)...

Savannah, GA
I love the beautiful, scenic
feel and the classic Old Southern charm
of Savannah- plus the fact that it's near
the water!

Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia
There are no words to
describe the sense of peace you feel
when you're amongst mountains,
forests and waterfalls. They are 
truly beautiful and 

Natchitoches, LA
Part of my Southern heritage lies
in Louisiana, but I have only been there a few
times very long ago.  Ever since seeing
'Steel Magnolias' I have wanted
to visit the charming, old historical city of
Natchitoches.  It is so pretty
and in pictures it seems to have the most
southern feel of any town I've ever seen, with it's
old-fashioned beautiful homes, downtown area, and it
even has a river running through.


Petit Jean State Park, AR
I have always dreamed of going to a place
like this where you can hike
through the woods, stand on the edge of a cliff and
look out on the land, and just experience
nature and feel
completely free!

There are so many places I hope to travel to someday, but
the one I have recently had on my mind the most

The Grand Canyon
I don't even know how breathtakingly
amazing it must be to stand over the
Grand Canyon and look
down on it's vastness.  It seems
a little overwhelming,
but definitely amazing without a doubt.

It just started raining outside!  Today is another cozy
day I am so thankful for.  I just want to get some hot chocolate and
cookies and look at my big book of the Country's most scenic
places to visit!

Thankful for this day & dreaming of the
Grand Canyon :)

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