Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Daybook


Outside my window... birds are singing their morning song, the sky is bright and cloudless, and there is a light breeze making the wind chimes chime.

I am thinking... about how busy this weekend has been from having company over.

In the kitchen... there is a big pitcher of raspberry tea waiting for me.

I am wearing... a shirt that says Colorado on it from my trip a couple of years ago and light lounge pants.

I am creating... dreams and ideas for a garden & the home I hope we are able to move into later this year :)

I am going... to do some cleaning and freshening up around the house today.

I am wondering... when I will have time to plant the new seeds I just bought.

I am reading... some new Southern lifestyle magazines I bought this weekend.

I am hoping... for a long, slow, easygoing Sunday today.

I am looking forward to... having a nice lunch in a little while.

I am learning... that I have fallen in love with sewing more and more since I started.

I am pondering... what dessert I'd like to make for my family soon.

One of my favorite things... Sundays: opening the windows to let the sun shine in, reading the paper, watching baseball in the afternoon.

I am thankful... for this day of life.

I am praying... for the health and well-being of family and friends, for a nice week, to be less stressed.

A favorite quote for the day... "Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil- it has no point."

A peek into my day... 
The edge of our backyard and porch area,
where I hope to sit out and enjoy
the day later on.

That is my Simple Woman's Daybook on this lovely Sunday!

~Have a beautiful, blessed day~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Front Porch: A Southern Pastime

One of my favorite things
that is closest to my heart about the South
is. . . the Front Porch!
It is an inherent part of our lives
 here and something that is cherished,
where families spend hours talking and
being together, where things are
peaceful, where memories are made.
They come to represent a nostalgic part
of your life and childhood growing
up here.

I've mentioned front porches and
what I love about them in
other posts I have written, but I thought I would
just do a full post about them...

~There are so many styles of front porches, but my
absolute favorite is the classic, traditional
Southern front porch.

These porches are so simple and classic, the kind
where you sit in your rocking-chair and stare
out at the land in front of you if you live in the country,
and relax and dream.
Also a traditional style front porch, this is more
something like you would find on a lovely home in a quiant
town... it almost looks like it could belong to the front
of a plantation home also.  So Lovely.
A few other styles of Southern front porches are...

Southern Vintage/Victorian

Country style

...and beautiful Cottage style...
I love this type of porch, and this photo also shows
a popular feature of many Southern porches: porch swings!

Those are just
 a few styles of Southern porches.
I was inspired to write this by this gallery  from
Southern Living, where you can see probably more styles
and kinds of porches than you'd like, haha.
  If you are interested or as much in
love with porches as I am, you'll appreciate all
the beautiful styles and features of the porches they share.
They are all so amazing and I know they
definitely make me want to grab a book and glass
of some sweet beverage and enjoy each
and every one.
.  .  .
The front porch in the South means a lot- it isn't
just a porch, it's a pastime, a way of life...
 and it carries with it
 a type of love and closeness, memories
and good times, and appreciation for the simple easygoing joy of
sitting out and enjoying a breeze.
I know folks and family friends who are busy
or work many hours
during the week and their front porch means just
that to them; they look forward all week to being able
to sit out on their porch on the weekends with
their families.
And that is really what enjoying a front porch
is all about in the South :)
Thankyou for reading
& have the most lovely, Blessed day!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Summer Blouse!

Last night I finished sewing and
adding all the details to the summer blouse I have
been sewing!

I really love
how it turned out, and as a beginner I feel
accomplished to have
sewn a shirt since sewing on sleeves and
interfacing and all that was involved
definitely felt a little more difficult than the
 first thing I sewed before
this, a skirt.

I used a pretty, grassy green color for the
fabric. Here is how it turned out...
It's a tunic style blouse and comes down
to the upper thigh.
...the sleeves turned out a little bit longer than
I thought they would, but
the fabric still makes it cool and

 For some detail and fun, I seamed the hemline
with a zig zag stitch that I think
gives it a fun touch :)

 I also added some sweet  pearl colored flower
 buttons to the neckline...

...and this white lacey-eyelet 
trim I chose for the sleeves. I love this
especially, and it feels and looks very summery
 and light.

Just wanted to share my latest sewing creation!

Hope you're having
a blessed, beautiful Spring day :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preserving Flowers (and memories!)

With all the beautiful wildflowers
and gardens blooming right now here in the
South, I have been thinking about
preserving & pressing flowers!
I haven't done it in such a long time, but it's
something special to have a flower
from a special or memorable time in your life preserved
and still beautiful, or even just a flower you
found while out walking.

Here are some ways to preserve your flowers :)

One way is to tie up your flowers by a string or
ribbon, upside down, and dry them out either outdoors or
next to a window.

These here are my own, roses I keep on a bookshelf in
my room, and I dried them
out similarly.
The golden rose is a sentimental flower for me. It's from
a bouquet at my Grama's funeral 
almost 6 years ago.
The only problem is that the color fades a lot...that
rose used to be a beautiful, bright peachy-orange color. I do
think the 'aged' look is nice also, though, giving
it a vintage feel.

Probably one of the more fun, most done ways
is flower pressing.  
This is something I haven't done in quite a while-
the last time was actually for a project for school I had to
do on wildflowers.  I do remember it being a lot
of fun, though, and this is a neat
way to preserve flowers because it keeps a lot more
of the color in the blooms.
Although you can buy an actual flower presser,
a thick book with something heavy placed on top works
just as well.  You just leave your flower between
the pages or between two heavy things that will press it completely
flat, and come back about a week or so later to find
a beautifully pressed flower with most of it's
color still there...

...I like that you can put your flowers and the memories
you hold in them in different places with this
method... a photo album, scrapbook
an old letter, or even a meaningful book to you like
your bible, or journal or diary.

Something really neat to do with preserved
flowers is create something with them...laminating the
flower onto a card to make a bookmark, or making jewelry
like these pendants you may have seen are a really
neat way to do that.

I'm very sentimental and I love these ways
of keeping your flowers close to you
and preserved.
I know Southern women who love doing
this as a form of art from nature, or to keep their flowers
and the memories tied to them alive... and I think
it's a truly nice way to do that.

Have you preserved flowers that mean something
to you? Where do you keep them- in a book, diary...?

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To be a Woman of Modesty

I've been thinking a lot about modesty
lately (in dress)... it is 
something that has mattered to me pretty
much my entire life, but as I get a little older it is
 surely something that's more and more important
to me.  So, I wanted
to share my thoughts on modesty, as it relates
to your life, dignity, and who you are... not to mention
how dressing modestly is beautiful and does not
have to be a boring way of dressing!
I know that many girls and women from all over find modest dress
to be an important part of life, but because I have
researched it some, I wanted to touch on modesty...
I believe modesty is an attribute of a true woman of grace.
It shows a lot of things about who she is as
a person, as well as showing respect
for God. 

I often wish that I could go back to the days
when it seemed modesty was seen as more beautiful and something so
many more women and people in general took pride
and saw value in.

 A few of my favorite modest styles of dress in history...

The Classic Southern Belle

Early 1900's dresses 

1950's dress styles 

...and perhaps my favorite: the dresses (& here wedding
gowns) of the early 1900's, around the 1920's...
The women wore beautiful eyelet,
cotton, and lace dresses and looked absolutely
That photo is so real and close to home to me-
I found it here
in an antique General Store and
I think it's so neat, and
her dress looks beautiful, yet she's
covered and modest.

You can definitely look beautiful and dress
in a pretty and fun way while being modest.
I have always loved dressing
in fun colors, which are not boring at all,
and the point of modesty isn't to take fun dress away.

I can tell you that Southern girls love their
accessories!  I always love to dress up what
I'm wearing with earrings or any jewelry,
or a fun scarf or sandals, or even a ribbon
in my hair.
My favorite accessories lately: pearls. They
are classically Southern.

I also want to say that I don't get bored or tired
of dressing modestly and having it be
a part of my life... I don't wake up in the morning and
wish I could wear something else more
clingy or shorter or lower cut.
Modesty is something to embrace :)
Like taking pride in your heritage,
 you can take pride in
dressing respectably too.

I recently read something that stuck in my mind: "How
beautiful then is modesty and what a gem among
virtues it is."  This is beautifully said, and I could
not agree more. 

Being modest is a part of my life that
means something to me in relation to my faith and
relationship with God,
but I also think it's important because of the name it makes
for you in showing who you want to present yourself as to others.
I feel that it's important for me to be modest
in how I dress because it shows that I have respect for
myself. That is the main thing that I think people
will notice... especially if you are
younger and have the pressures of dressing a more
'modern' way or in a way that attracts a lot of
but I truly believe that people will notice
that you are different from other young women.

You may attract attention... but it won't be because
you're showing some skin.  It will be good attention... over the
way you are modest and respectable in a godly
way- and it will gain you respect.

~This may seem to be old fashioned
thinking, which I will admit I am old fashioned...
but I like to think of how the main focus of our lives
should be showing kindness and
hospitality, and that doesn't come from
showing your body- it comes from the kindness
in your heart and in your smile :)
So shouldn't that be what matters, more than attention-seeking?
Something I think of when I think about modest
dress is that it means something for
the focus to not be on your body, but on
your face.

I thank you for reading
some of my thoughts on embracing modesty.

Have a blessed day!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flower Pot Painting!

I cannot believe Monday has come so quick...
that unforunately might have been one of the fastest
weekends of my life, haha...
but I actually wanted to share something fun I
 did over the weekend!

It was a bit hot this weekend and I was kind of
just feeling tired and not so energetic, staying inside and
feeling sort of lazy, so my Momma said she
had something fun and different we could do outside...
 so we got a few old, sort of boring and plain
looking flower pots, went out on the back porch,
and did some Flower
pot painting!

We poured a bunch of Acrylic bright, Springy paint colors
into a pan, got some much needed ice-cold lemonade
and got started :)
You can see the pink liquid in the background... I loved
the color of it!  It made me wish there was
some type of refreshing, fruit drink that was that color...
it was just our water we used to wash the
brushes and sponges, though.

Here are some of our finished and painted flower pots!
They look so much brighter and more lively
 with their fresh coats of paint and
 really brightened up the entire garden :)

I love crafts and doing fun things like this, and
here in the South gardening is very popular,
 but pottery or flower-pot art is something different I've
never done before.
It was really fun and creative, as well as relaxing!

It's such a neat way to spend a relaxing day outside doing
something unique that will make your yard or garden
more beautiful and bright.
I also think this would be something so fun
to do with little kids since it's really care-free and artistic..
If I have children someday, I would Love to
do something special like this with them!
I think it's something any child would enjoy.

. . .Another thing I love about it is the variety of
designs you could do, from floral or garden-type designs
to fish or butterflies or anything you like,
and as simple as you want.

Hope your weekend was lovely
and enjoyable
& have
a blessed week :)

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