Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eating Healthier!

Something I've been trying to do
for the last couple weeks
now is do my best to eat better and healthier.
Being raised Southern, this is
tough because I am constantly surrounded by
mash-potatoes with loads of butter, cornbread, biscuits,
barbeque, macaroni...
basically everything that isn't good for you, hahaha!
see what I mean?
And even if I wanted to, I don't know that I could
ever stop eating those things because
 it's part of who I am and things I love, but
I have made the choice to make small changes
  to help my health and just eat a little better all around...

So, just wanted to share a few simple ways I've added
some 'healthiness' to my life through food:

First, I try to eat a healthier breakfast.
My breakfast for the most part for the last 19
years of my life has either been some type of big meal
with sausage and pancakes, or a sugary bowl of cereal.
Now, I've been tryin' my best to eat something like a
piece of toast with peanut butter and strawberry or
 peach preserves on it, along with maybe an applesauce or a
cereal with grains and more protein and less sugar.
Eating this type of breakfast is better for your blood sugar
overall, because the peanut butter provides a lot
of protein! This gives you a stable boost of energy, one that
you won't get tired from too soon after.

Secondly, I eat healthy snacks throughout the day
and eat better lunches.
Mostly, I eat small snacks- again with protein- like almonds
(these are Blue Diamond...although they do have salt- I can't stay
away from that!) or a cheese stick.
I also like the yoplait yogurts because they don't taste
like 'health food' and they come in many flavors...
To me, I won't be encouraged to eat healthier unless I'm
eating something that I actually like, and these foods are all
ones that taste good to me; I don't want
them to taste like health foods.
...Another snack I like is a bowl of fruit with grapes, kiwi,
strawberries and anything else I might enjoy.
A fruit bowl is one of the best, tastiest snacks and it feels
so fresh!
As for lunch, I have been eating grilled-cheese or turkey
sandwiches, which
again, have protein from the cheese and then I eat
a side of something with minimal sugar.

The last thing I do is eat more greens & vegetables.
This is something I mainly try to do during supper, by eating
more collard greens (a staple of the South!), cauliflower,
green beans and I really like broccoli.
I like to figure on all of that balancing with the
potatoes and other things we sometimes have for dinner ;)

Those are just a few small
ways I have tried to be healthier
recently... basically making the effort to add some protein
or something that is good for me into my everyday snacks and meals
...I'm not looking to make any drastic changes, but for
someone who loves sweets and rich home-cooking, I
think making small but significant changes helps just the same...
although I still love a good brownie or batch
of cookies or something really good and 'unhealthy' during
the weekends, haha ;)

Hoping you have a happy, healthy,
blessed day!! 


  1. LOL! Eating healthy in Texas...yes, that is a challenge!

    And to make it worse, our family is vegan (no animal products) the land of fantastic BBQ. Yes, that makes for an interesting life, but we have learned how to make certain comfort foods like "Mac and Cheese," or some BBQ without any animal products. It is not hard to do until you go to an event where the main foods are meat based and sides are heavy on the dairy.

    1. Haha, yes it is! Ooh, that does sound so tough trying to stay away from all the beef and bbq as a vegan! You're good if you can resist those temptations ;) I know what you mean about going to events with food like that too. I do eat meat, but when I'm trying to cut back, barbeques and events that have that type of food make it hard... it seems you can't go to any gathering or events without barbeque being served especially in summer!
      Thanks so much for your response and
      have a great evening :)


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