Monday, April 2, 2012

Flower Pot Painting!

I cannot believe Monday has come so quick...
that unforunately might have been one of the fastest
weekends of my life, haha...
but I actually wanted to share something fun I
 did over the weekend!

It was a bit hot this weekend and I was kind of
just feeling tired and not so energetic, staying inside and
feeling sort of lazy, so my Momma said she
had something fun and different we could do outside...
 so we got a few old, sort of boring and plain
looking flower pots, went out on the back porch,
and did some Flower
pot painting!

We poured a bunch of Acrylic bright, Springy paint colors
into a pan, got some much needed ice-cold lemonade
and got started :)
You can see the pink liquid in the background... I loved
the color of it!  It made me wish there was
some type of refreshing, fruit drink that was that color...
it was just our water we used to wash the
brushes and sponges, though.

Here are some of our finished and painted flower pots!
They look so much brighter and more lively
 with their fresh coats of paint and
 really brightened up the entire garden :)

I love crafts and doing fun things like this, and
here in the South gardening is very popular,
 but pottery or flower-pot art is something different I've
never done before.
It was really fun and creative, as well as relaxing!

It's such a neat way to spend a relaxing day outside doing
something unique that will make your yard or garden
more beautiful and bright.
I also think this would be something so fun
to do with little kids since it's really care-free and artistic..
If I have children someday, I would Love to
do something special like this with them!
I think it's something any child would enjoy.

. . .Another thing I love about it is the variety of
designs you could do, from floral or garden-type designs
to fish or butterflies or anything you like,
and as simple as you want.

Hope your weekend was lovely
and enjoyable
& have
a blessed week :)

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