Friday, April 13, 2012


We got a lot done today, running some
errands for fun and to buy some things we needed.
My day's "adventures" were the
following (and
mostly consisted of shopping)...

We went to a few retail stores in the town
nearby, one of which I bought
a lovely new pair of Spring/Summery sandals at!

...then I had a really enjoyable time at the oh so
 frequent stopping point we seem to end up in
quite often: the craft store!

Today I ventured into a few areas of the store
I hardly ever look in...  the aisles
that have the 'small things' for home decorating
that make your home feel complete.

 I loved these wrought iron decorations you can hang in your house
or right outside your front door.  They are popular
in the South- I have seen so many
of them at the homes of my friends and neighbors-
 as personal touches to make your
home more "home sweet home" and I love them!

There was also a whole aisle/section of decorations
and iron and even porcelain like
 plates and figures with messages and reminders of
 faith or inspiration on them.
These were really nice
also, and I enjoyed looking at all of the ones
they had.

After looking there for awhile, I headed
to the sewing and fabrics
section of course... and looking through the pattern
books I found a pattern for this dress I thought
I'd share...
I love how beautiful it is with all
it's pleats and puffy sleeves and skirt, and it
is so much like what the true antebellum Southern
women wore!
Which is probably why I was
attracted to it :)
For now, though, I could only sew this
one in my dreams, hahaha. Maybe
in time.
. . .

To end the day we went on a walk
just as the sun was going
down, which was lovely and such a nice
way to end a fun day.

Those were the adventures of my day.
Hope you had a wonderfully Blessed Friday!

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