Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Front Porch: A Southern Pastime

One of my favorite things
that is closest to my heart about the South
is. . . the Front Porch!
It is an inherent part of our lives
 here and something that is cherished,
where families spend hours talking and
being together, where things are
peaceful, where memories are made.
They come to represent a nostalgic part
of your life and childhood growing
up here.

I've mentioned front porches and
what I love about them in
other posts I have written, but I thought I would
just do a full post about them...

~There are so many styles of front porches, but my
absolute favorite is the classic, traditional
Southern front porch.

These porches are so simple and classic, the kind
where you sit in your rocking-chair and stare
out at the land in front of you if you live in the country,
and relax and dream.
Also a traditional style front porch, this is more
something like you would find on a lovely home in a quiant
town... it almost looks like it could belong to the front
of a plantation home also.  So Lovely.
A few other styles of Southern front porches are...

Southern Vintage/Victorian

Country style

...and beautiful Cottage style...
I love this type of porch, and this photo also shows
a popular feature of many Southern porches: porch swings!

Those are just
 a few styles of Southern porches.
I was inspired to write this by this gallery  from
Southern Living, where you can see probably more styles
and kinds of porches than you'd like, haha.
  If you are interested or as much in
love with porches as I am, you'll appreciate all
the beautiful styles and features of the porches they share.
They are all so amazing and I know they
definitely make me want to grab a book and glass
of some sweet beverage and enjoy each
and every one.
.  .  .
The front porch in the South means a lot- it isn't
just a porch, it's a pastime, a way of life...
 and it carries with it
 a type of love and closeness, memories
and good times, and appreciation for the simple easygoing joy of
sitting out and enjoying a breeze.
I know folks and family friends who are busy
or work many hours
during the week and their front porch means just
that to them; they look forward all week to being able
to sit out on their porch on the weekends with
their families.
And that is really what enjoying a front porch
is all about in the South :)
Thankyou for reading
& have the most lovely, Blessed day!!

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