Monday, April 30, 2012

Loss & Southern Hospitality

I wanted to share a thought
 about loss that has been on my mind as of
Saturday of this weekend.

On Saturday night, my family and I were inside
a little bit before dinner and we heard car doors slamming
over and over again, and voices outside.
I looked out the front window and saw flashing red
lights everywhere... then we all went outside by
the front walk and saw that there were
about three or four fire and EMS trucks, as well as some police
cars, parked in front of our neighbors home...
about five minutes or so later they all drove away.
Our neighbor, Esther, and her grown
children got in their car quickly and followed.

I figured that night that something
had happened to her husband, because when their
family left to follow the EMS, I never saw
him come out of the house... my heart sort of sank when
I realized that.  We just found out that, unfortunately,
something did happen to him- he had a heart-attack that
night and wasn't able to be revived.

My family and I have been thinking about that
all weekend since Saturday night and it was just so sad
to hear that he did passed away afterall.


We will be baking or cooking something
for our neighbor and bringing it over to her.  Southern hospitality
is one of the wonderful things that was ingrained in me
throughout my life and it will stay with me forever...
I believe it is so important to show someone who has lost someone
they loved that you care, to comfort them somehow.
I have gone through loss in my family several times and I know it
was much appreciated in those times when others did the same.
When your heart is breaking, there is something so comforting and
reassuring about having your neighbor or friend bring over
a plate of something, or a casserole or dessert that
you can drown at least some of your sorrows in.

It's funny how you can barely know
someone and still be saddened by the fact that they
are gone.  Our neighbors have been so kind and friendly since we have
moved to this house, and even though I've only waved to them a few
times from across the road on the way to church or when we
were outside, knowing he is gone leaves sorrow in my heart.
And although I didn't get to talk to or see him often,
 my Dad did and said he was a good man.


My heart and sympahty go out to our neighbor and I
hope and pray that she is consoled and comforted-
 I cannot even imagine what it would be like
to lose the one person who is your world, who you have spent every
day with, woken up next to everyday for so many years.

This happening has just made me
think so much more about life and loss, and how fragile
and precious our lives are... how much we should
value and appreciate our days, not to mention
If you know someone who has lost a loved one in death,
I hope you will bring them something lovely to show
you care... a bouquet of flowers,
a cake, a meal.
& If you have lost someone dear to you,
I send comfort and prayers your way.

Have a Blessed Day...
& don't forget to appreciate
every moment of it, because
every single one is
a blessing!


  1. That is very sad. I remember what it was like when my mom passed away, four days before Thanksgiving. The ladies I worked with pooled their money together and had a Thanksgiving diner catered to our home. It was the nicest thing.

    I have also cooked and baked many things for funerals...most of whom I did not know. It is a nice gesture that sometimes goes unappreciated as understandably, the family is in shock and it takes awhile for simple things like food to become a conscience part of life again.

    Beautiful post. And yes...I do enjoy every day knowing it could be my last...or those I love. :)

    1. Hello Joy,
      I can't imagine how that must have been to lose your mom- especially right before Thanksgiving. That is wonderful what those ladies did though.
      And that is so true, it is hard for families to think about anything else, even food, but it is definitely a comforting gesture... and it can remind you, despite the heartache felt after loss, that there is still goodness and kindness in the world even when it feels like there's not.
      Thankyou for reading &
      sharing your story of loss :)
      Have a wonderful day!


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