Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To be a Woman of Modesty

I've been thinking a lot about modesty
lately (in dress)... it is 
something that has mattered to me pretty
much my entire life, but as I get a little older it is
 surely something that's more and more important
to me.  So, I wanted
to share my thoughts on modesty, as it relates
to your life, dignity, and who you are... not to mention
how dressing modestly is beautiful and does not
have to be a boring way of dressing!
I know that many girls and women from all over find modest dress
to be an important part of life, but because I have
researched it some I wanted to touch on modesty
and the Southern woman as well...
A true woman of grace always
dresses modestly.
It shows a lot of things about who she is as
a person, as well as showing respect
for herself and her family... all of which are
very important. They were especially
important in the 'olden' days' of
the South.

I often wish that I could go back to the days
when modesty was seen as beautiful and something so
many more women and people in general took
pride and saw value in.  From the Civil War days
to the early and mid 1900's, women in the South- whether in
formal dresses with bloomers and petticoats or
trousers and cotton blouses- valued modesty.  It meant a lot to
them in their standing with their families, reputation,
and the Lord.

 A few of my favorite modest types of dress in the South
that gave a good reputation to Southern women...

The Classic Southern Belle

Early 1900's dresses 

1950's dress styles 

...and perhaps my favorite: the dresses (& here wedding
gowns) of the early 1900's, around the 1920's...
The women wore beautiful eyelet,
cotton, and lace dresses and looked absolutely
That photo is so real and close to home to me-
I found it here
in an antique General Store and
I think it's so neat, and
her dress looks beautiful, yet she's
very covered up.

You can definitely look beautiful and dress
in a pretty and fun way while being modest.
I have always loved dressing
in fun colors which are not boring at all,
and the point of modesty isn't to take that away,
but simply to cover what should be.
Some things I like to wear... cotton or
linen blouses in different patterns and colors,
longer skirts or long pants/jeans...
which I of course love to dress up with
accessories :)
I can tell you that Southern girls love their
accessories!  I always love to dress up what
I'm wearing with earrings or any jewelry,
or a fun scarf or sandals, or a ribbon
in my hair.
My favorite accessories: pearls. They
are classically Southern.

I also want to say that I don't get bored or tired
of dressing modestly and having it be
a part of my life... I don't wake up in the morning and
wish I could wear something else more
clingy or shorter or lower cut.
Modesty is something to embrace :)
Like taking pride in your heritage as Southerners are
proud to be from here and Northerners embrace their own history,
 you can take pride in
dressing respectably too.

I recently read something that stuck in my mind: "How
beautiful then is modesty and what a gem among
virtues it is."  This is beautifully said, and I could
not agree more. 

Being modest is a part of my life that
means something to me in relation to my faith and
relationship with God,
but I also think it's important because of the name it makes
for you in showing who you really are, your values.
I feel that it's important for me to be modest
in how I dress because it shows that I have respect for
myself. That is the main thing that I think people
will notice... especially if you are
younger and have the pressures of dressing a more
'modern' way or in a way that attracts a lot of
but I truly believe that people will notice
that you are different from other young women,
and that you value yourself 
by covering up and dressing in a modest way.
You may attract attention... but it won't be because
you're showing some skin.  It will be good attention... over the
way you are modest and respectable in a beautiful
way- and it will gain you respect.

~This may seem to be old fashioned
thinking, which I will admit I am old fashioned...
but I like to think that Southern
women are all about showing kindness and
hospitality, and that doesn't come from
showing your body- it comes from the kindness
in your heart and in your smile :)
Something I think of when I think about modest
dress is that it means something for
the focus to not be on your body, but on
your face.

I thank you for reading
the thoughts I wanted to share on modesty
and embracing it.
Let's make the classy, faithful, modest ladies who set the
example before us proud ;)


  1. I am all for modesty, however, I will tell you that last summer was my first time in this kind of Texas heat and I was having a really hard time of it. I had moments where modesty was not my happy place, it was a difficult adjustment, I hope this summer is a little better.

    Pearls however, I am SO glad to be in a place where pearls are not considered "old ladyish." I have always loved pearls, but up north, diamonds are far more respected, pearls are hardly appreciated.

    Thank you for this post, it is beautiful!

    1. Hi Joy,
      I know what you mean about the summers in Texas... they are pretty unbearable. I've just tried to stick with cool cotton skirts and things like that in the past or anything that won't give me heat stroke, haha. Definitely along with you on hoping for a better, hopefully breezier summer this year!
      And I had heard that pearls were not as appreciated up north, but I didn't know they considered them old-ladyish. Yay for the South! :)

      Have a blessed day & thank-you for your kind comment!

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