Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preserving Flowers (and memories!)

With all the beautiful wildflowers
and gardens blooming right now here in the
South, I have been thinking about
preserving & pressing flowers!
I haven't done it in such a long time, but it's
something special to have a flower
from a special or memorable time in your life preserved
and still beautiful, or even just a flower you
found while out walking.

Here are some ways to preserve your flowers :)

One way is to tie up your flowers by a string or
ribbon, upside down, and dry them out either outdoors or
next to a window.

These here are my own, roses I keep on a bookshelf in
my room, and I dried them
out similarly.
The golden rose is a sentimental flower for me. It's from
a bouquet at my Grama's funeral 
almost 6 years ago.
The only problem is that the color fades a lot...that
rose used to be a beautiful, bright peachy-orange color. I do
think the 'aged' look is nice also, though, giving
it a vintage feel.

Probably one of the more fun, most done ways
is flower pressing.  
This is something I haven't done in quite a while-
the last time was actually for a project for school I had to
do on wildflowers.  I do remember it being a lot
of fun, though, and this is a neat
way to preserve flowers because it keeps a lot more
of the color in the blooms.
Although you can buy an actual flower presser,
a thick book with something heavy placed on top works
just as well.  You just leave your flower between
the pages or between two heavy things that will press it completely
flat, and come back about a week or so later to find
a beautifully pressed flower with most of it's
color still there...

...I like that you can put your flowers and the memories
you hold in them in different places with this
method... a photo album, scrapbook
an old letter, or even a meaningful book to you like
your bible, or journal or diary.

Something really neat to do with preserved
flowers is create something with them...laminating the
flower onto a card to make a bookmark, or making jewelry
like these pendants you may have seen are a really
neat way to do that.

I'm very sentimental and I love these ways
of keeping your flowers close to you
and preserved.
I know Southern women who love doing
this as a form of art from nature, or to keep their flowers
and the memories tied to them alive... and I think
it's a truly nice way to do that.

Have you preserved flowers that mean something
to you? Where do you keep them- in a book, diary...?

Have a Blessed Day!

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