Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Gardening

Today has been
a lovely Saturday in a lot of ways...
I started the day with a morning walk through
the trees in a heavenly breeze and
spent a relaxing day with my family and my dog...
but one of the most enjoyable, fun things I did was gardening
-a favorite pastime of Southern ladies!

I am not an experienced gardener by any means,
and I really haven't done it as much as I would have liked,
so getting to do it today (with the things I planted) was sort of a
new experience- and I loved how  relaxing it was.

The weather was lovely and it was a perfect
day for gardening- beautiful, blue, bright skies.

The main thing I planted was a packet of seeds I bought a couple
of weeks ago that I have been meaning to plant for
awhile.  I actually bought two- some Sunflowers and a flower I had
never heard of before called a Bachelor Button, which, from the front of the
packet, looks really nice. I planted the Bachelor Button
 in a small pot and I plan to transplant it into a
 larger pot later on, but I'm waiting on the Sunflowers... they grow so
tall so I'm going to have to plant them out by our fence.  I love how huge
and beautiful Sunflowers get!

  These seed packets also came with especially detailed
info and instructions on planting, growing, zones
and bloom seasons which is really helpful :)
Something fun and different I got to work on was
setting up our Topsy Turvy.  You may have heard of it.
We bought it this past fall or so, but just got around to putting
 it together. We just bought a tomato plant so it was a great
time to set it up :)
It is a simple and fun way to grow tomatoes, and I'm sure- since you get
to buy your own plant to put in it- you could grow many
different things with it... you just place the plant upside down in the hole
at the bottom of the tube, place a stopper to keep it in place, place dirt around
the roots sticking up and hang it up.

This is what it ends up looking like... although I believe
it's meant to hang on your porch, we hung it up
on our fence just the same.
I'm really excited for our juicy, wonderful tomatoes
soon to come!  They're Cherry Tomatoes too, so delicious.


I had fun today &
 I hope I have more time to experience gardening this summer...
or actually before summer so I can at least have the
breeze, as it definitely makes it nicer.
I love the gift of gardening and how it feels to be growing
something beautiful, knowing that you're also adding a little beauty
to God's Earth, even in a small way.

Hoping you're weekend is Blessed
(and your gardens too!)



  1. Yay for gardening! We just bought a book called, "Texas Gardening, Month By Month." It is very informative!

    This last winter I took a local organic gardening class and I am so glad that I did. Gardening in TX is very different from gardening in the north.

    I look forward to great pictures of your garden this summer!

    1. Hi Joy!
      Thankyou so much for reading and commenting!
      Oh, a class sounds like it would be neat to take! I would be really interested in that due to my lack of skills in the garden, haha. & I have heard that it is different from the north, too. I guess it has to do with what things grow best and the types of soil?
      Thankyou, hopefully I will be able to grow some nice things to photograph and share... I hope you will blog about or share some photos of your garden too or what types of things you like to plant most :) I would love to see.
      Have a Beautiful day!!


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