Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Many Southern Wildflowers!

As you may
have noticed by how many times
I've mentioned Spring wildflowers
recently, I love them so much and if I ever
moved away from the South I think
that seeing
their beauty every Spring and Summer would be
one of the things I would most miss!

Today I wanted to share some info
on wildflowers- the types of wildflowers,
which ones are most abundant in different parts of the South,
and just they're beauty! ...

Prepare yourself for some God-given,
beautiful floral eye-candy ;)

Indian Paintbrush
This wildflower is so beautiful and bright!  It can
be a hot orange color like this one, or a darker
orange or just red.  I've also seen these
in a more pink toned shade.
These grow in different parts of the South, but
without a doubt they are in Texas.

Corn Poppy
Another bright, amazing wildflower with
a lovely blossom.
These are found from Texas to Georgia, but I thought
it was interesting that they originated out
of Europe.

These little blossoms are so abundant this time of year, pretty
much everywhere you go they are there. I see
them growing in patches everywhere from fields, to
parks, to the sides of the roads.
The come in a few different colors, but here at least,
pink is definitely most popular.

Mexican Hats
A significant amount of these grow in the plains areas
of the South.
I think they have a really
unique look to them, as well as a fun name.
The petals are so bright and pretty.

Purple Coneflower
These flowers are so pretty with the contrast of
their pale lavender petals and the orange or yellow centers.
I've seen these growing in many places, but
 they are native to South Carolina.

Queen Anne's Lace
I always loved seeing fields of these growing up, because
they almost looked like snow when they are in large bunches.
From above they almost even look
like huge snowflakes!
Like their name, these wildflowers have
a delicate and sweet look and feel to them.
They are found from Texas to Alabama and Southern

Blue Bells
Blue Bells are so beautiful!  I love their color
and the pretty shape and way their petals curve.  They are so
lovely.  I love their name too, it sounds so elegant and...
Southern! They are especially beautiful in large
groups or if you find a field of them- it's breathtaking.

Blue Bonnets

 Blue Bonnets are found in Texas and some parts
of Louisiana.
In my opinion they are one of the most
beautiful wildflowers ever created! I love their vibrance.
This is another one that looks absolutely amazing
when you get to see fields full of them,
a sea of blue bonnets before your eyes.
Blue Bonnets in Texas are lovely and in my hometown
they were the prettiest that I have ever
seen them... in fact, they are so abundant and beautiful there
that it is a tradition to take family photos in them when
they bloom.  Families come from all over Texas to do just that.

There are so many wildflowers in the South, but these
are just a few of my favorites and the ones
 I know best  that I wanted to share :)

I hope you'll take time to look at the wildflowers here
in the South and enjoy their beauty!

Have a Blessed weekend!

(photos courtesy Google Images)


  1. Oh wow...your pictures say to me, "Honey, you need a better camera!" Your stills are stunning and so clear! Very beautiful. :)

    1. Hi Joy!
      Haha, Thankyou! I can't take credit for all of the photos, though, because not all are mine... there were a couple flowers I couldn't find locally.
      Thankyou for stopping by,
      reading and commenting!
      Have a Blessed day :)


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