Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something That Spoke to My Heart!

There are things that I have been
blessed to come across in life so far that have truly
inspired me or just spoken to my heart like
nothing else...
Some of these things are books I have read, things I
have seen in everyday life,
 or movies and films I have watched.
I thought I would share one that that has been on my
mind a lot lately- a film that truly spoke to my

It is...
Fried Green Tomatoes!
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Now, I remember seeing some of this movie when
I was much younger, but I didn't remember
nearly anything, so when I watched it a week or so ago
I was absorbing it for the first time...
I have so much to say about this film, but I will try to condense
my thoughts and admiration for it...

The plot: An older lady in a rest home
tells a woman who frequently comes to visit her
(Kathy Bates) stories about her hometown and
the people she knew there long ago... the tales
of the adventures and things that lifelong friends Ruth
 & Idgie go through together.  The flashbacks and story
follow them from being young girls to women,
their life experiences, tragedies, opening their cafe together,
and making it through trials together.

First of all, the main reason- which may go without saying- that I
fell in love with this movie after seeing it
is because it is set and deeply rooted in the South.
That alone made me feel connected to the story and
spoke to me.
I loved the Southern setting and the small
town it takes place in- so classically Southern, tight-knit
and lovely.  It also takes place
during a classic time in the South- the 30's.
The cafe by the tracks that the
women in the story open, The Whistle Stop Cafe, is lovely
and brings the town together and that, to me,
makes the setting more full of heart.

Secondly, I loved the characters.  Idgie, who's life is
followed throughout the story, is a tough young gal who
has strong beliefs in the things she values and
will do anything- as she shows in the movie- to
save or help her friends and family.
Ruth is more
meek, ladylike, and conservative.  She is strong, though,
and despite all of the struggles she faces
she remains so with her heart and soul dedicated to
her son.  The story
would not be as lovely and heartwarming
without her.
The aspect of the movie that most truly
got to my heart was the friendship between Idgie
and Ruth. They become so close
over their lives that they would kill and die for eachother.
Idgie has a kind of protectiveness over Ruth,
and that is sweet, so loyal, and in itself makes their friendship
and relationship endearing.
A friendship like Idgie & Ruth's, between girls who love eachother
so dearly, is a gift... a once-in-a-lifetime cherishable gift that
anyone would be so incredibly blessed to have
had in life.

This film is so beautiful and just got across the message
of what is truly important in life, the precious things.
It is special that so many themes and beautiful
things were included that make it
the incredible story it is: love, laughter, pain, joys, friendship,
 sacrifice, values, death, memories, strength.
I cannot describe how much I loved the story as well...
I don't want to give anything away, but if you have
seen it you know it definitely
has a twist in there ;)

Overall, though, what spoke to my heart
and made me love "Fried Green Tomatoes" is how it
represents the seemingly 'Steel Magnolias' of
the South, who deal with trials and sickness and hardships
in life, yet they keep on going... because they
know that life is beautiful and worth everything and that
in time they will get through it. They have to.

As a side note, something simple that I noticed
and loved after seeing this movie
was that there was no sexual content.
I appreciate being able to watch a movie without
having to see that, unlike most films where the writers felt
that the movie would not be good enough without
immoral things...
So, it is truly a classic in that way too.

This is definitely one of my favorite films,
and I believe it may actually be my favorite film
...it made me feel so much.
"Fried Green Tomatoes" is a favorite of
my Grandmother's, a Southern lady herself, and she has
told me many times how moving it was... I only
wish I hadn't waited so long to watch
it because she was more than right.
I also hope
to read the book someday
if it's anywhere as wonderful as the

The day after I first watched it, I actually
loved it so much that I watched it again... and a few days
after that I found out that the
setting for the movie and the actual 'Whistle Stop Cafe'
are real places. I thought that was so neat!
So, it is on my bucket list now to
go eat at the real 'Whistle Stop Cafe' by the tracks
 one day where it is in Juliette, GA.

. . .

Those are my thoughts on an absolutely
beautiful Southern movie that spoke
to my heart in more ways than I could tell you...
it is a must see if you love endearing films,
and especially if you have Southern roots!

~What is a movie that speaks to
your heart??

Wishing you the most
Blessed day!



  1. I have not seen this movie in so long...not since I lived at home *mumble mumble* years ago.
    I will have to watch it again, but I think I will read the book first this time.

    I have many, many films that have spoken to me through the years. One off the top of my head is called, "So This Is Love (1953)" about an opera singer that loses her voice. I lost my voice back home in a different way and hope that I can regain it in the South. :)

    1. Hi Joy!
      If you remember a bit about the movie and enjoyed it, I think you would probably enjoy it more if you watched it now... it seems to have a deepness that can be appreciated after coming back to it after a while :) That's great you want to read the book also- it looks good and if you read it I would love to know what you think, whether I've read it be then or not.

      Oh, I love old movies and I just looked up 'So This Is Love' and it seems like something I would enjoy. Would love to watch it if I can get a hold of it. Thankyou for sharing a movie you love! And your connection to it as well.

      Have a blessed day,
      and thankyou so much for reading
      and your comment!


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