Monday, April 16, 2012

Under the Trees

Lately, I haven't had a chance
 to do this much during a break in my day or after
- like I used to more often-
but today
I had some time at the end of my
day to relax outside and find a breezy, nice
place  to read.

I see people in this park-like area
all the time, eating lunch or reading or just
relaxing under the trees.
I wanted to do the same
because it has always looked so peaceful
and green and beautiful.

So I found the biggest tree
and found a nice place to sit right under it...
it was so tall and glorious. 

...And I sat there, relaxed, read, listened to the
leaves rustling in the breeze, feeling it
in my hair, and glancing up every once in awhile
to admire this beautiful sky...

When I get the chance to, it always makes
my day just that much better and more
lovely to sit outside.

It's something so simple, but I love it.
Today was a day that I really got to reflect on
how appreciative I am of all the beauty
in the world... I thank God for the trees, the flowers,
the lush grass, that beautiful sky, the feeling
of fresh air on your skin, and all
of those simple wonderful things in life that somehow
make the bad more bearable :)

Thankyou for reading
I  hope you
 had a lovely day of
fresh air
and appreciating
the beauty

Blessings :)


  1. That is a beautiful post!

    Our boys love to find a big tree and climb up in it and either read or draw...and sometimes just day dream. It makes me so happy when they do that! :)

    1. Hi Joy,
      And how sweet, that's great they get to be at one with nature that way, especially as children. I always sit near or below trees and relax, but actually being up in one seems lovely :)
      Thankyou so much for reading & commenting!
      ~Have a blessed day~


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