Sunday, April 15, 2012

Have a Relaxing, Country-Style Sunday

I think Sundays
are probably one of the most relaxing days of the week.
No matter what you're Sunday is usually like- shopping, going to church,
or spending the day with family- there is always a calm feeling to the day.
Sometimes, though, it's easy to feel some stress about the week ahead, knowing
Monday is going to be here soon. I know I often feel that way...
Here are some simple ways to have a relaxing Sunday (country-style)...
doing relaxed things that will clear your mind,
and let you enjoy the beautiful, easygoing,
simplicity of what life should be!

1. Sit on your front porch and enjoy the breeze, drinkin' a Sweet Tea or Lemonade :)
   (so relaxing!)

2.  Go fruit picking

3. Garden: plant a new flower bed

4. Have a family picnic

5. Read a book under a shadetree

6. Have a family cookout

7. Take a walk, enjoy the view and the wildflowers

8. Take a nap on the back porch, let the breeze lull you to sleep

9.Take a drive through the country

I couldn't think of a tenth one, haha...
but those are a few ways I would love to spend a relaxing Sunday!
. . .

Wishing you a Blessed,
relaxed Sunday today :)


  1. I love to spend several hours on Sundays in my garden and of course take an old fashioned "Sunday Drive" somewhere with the family! You can find some really interesting things to see on back roads!

    1. Sounds like your Sundays are very nice :) Gardening is so relaxing! & going on a drive with family is always a joy, and I know what you mean... Haha, you see some strange things and some really neat things too- I love driving by old farms and admiring the land :) and I love that its a sort of old fashioned thing to do, like you said.
      thankyou so much for reading and commenting!
      have a wonderful day!


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