Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easygoing Day & Tennis

Today has been a happy and easygoing one...
I woke up this morning and headed
down the street to my neighbors' to babysit for a little while.
I am not a morning person at all and getting up in the morning is probably my
least favorite thing (when it's early anyway) so you know I don't mind
babysitting if I woke up early for it during summer, haha.

I have spent my day so far afterward not doing much... 
but I have had a lot of things on mind. I've been researching a few different
 things and one in particular is something I hope to share my thoughts on soon.
Both before and since I've been home I have been
really wanting to get outside for some reason.  I am enjoying getting outdoors
to do anything more and more and one thing on my mind today
was getting out to play tennis with my family.  This is something we love
to do every summer when we have free time and it's a fun way to get exercise
while having your mind occupied in a game. This way it doesn't feel so much like
exercise at all, which I love. With the Southern humidity of the summers
the way they are though, we have to take advantage of the last bit of
what is technically Spring- before it gets hotter than it already is.
I am hoping we get to go today... we went earlier this week and had
a great time...

We have a lot of fun playing, but sometimes the enjoyment of
being out there is more about the surroundings than the game...
the court we play at is near country and there is a cornfield and crops
on the way...

and my favorite thing is looking out past the courts to the field
with fresh hay bales, so serene and pleasant...
.  .  .

A small part of my day I spend doing something
I enjoyed, which was just relaxing for a few minutes with
the QVC channel on.
It is relaxing to watch sometimes and they have such neat
items.  A segment I caught today got me exhilirated because
it was about something I love: 
Southern cooking and baking!
I watched for awhile and was so impressed by all of
the wonderfully delectable looking Southern recipes in the book they were
selling that right now I am still envisioning them.
There were all of the recipes and amazing foods that make me proud
to be from the South: fried green tomatoes, grits, butter cake, fried pie,
fried chicken (and lots more fried things!) and more, such as
cornbread salad... there's a Southern recipe if I ever heard one!
My mouth was watering more than it has in awhile and
boy did it remind me how much I love being from and living in the part of the
world with arguably the best food around!

I guess if I order it, Ishould try to get in more tennis games
than usual, haha.

That has been a bit of my day. Thank you for reading &
have a Blessed day!!



  1. Oh how fun! I never really learned to play tennis as I always hit the ball over the back fence. I tried for years, but was never able to control my swing so eventually I quit. How exciting to spend time with your family doing something you all love! :)

    P.S. I awarded your blog the "Lovely Blog Award." :)

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thankyou so much for reading and for your comment. It's funny you say that you hit the ball over the fence, because I occasionally do the exact same thing... I sometimes get a little crazy and my tennis ball turns into a home run. So I know where you're comin' from. I love the game so I haven't given it up, but I can not exactly say I have all of the skills down for tennis ;)
      I do really love doing things like this with my family though.

      I left a comment on your blog, but wanted to say thankyou so much for awarding my blog! That means more to me than I can express, so thankyou :)

      Have a blessed day!!


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