Monday, May 14, 2012

Experiencing the Library!

This weekend was really laid back,
but on Saturday we did go out and do something fun
and sort of different... we went to the grand opening of the brand
new little library in our town!
I say little, but actually it isn't little, just perfect for the area and
sort of quaint.  There were refreshments and activities for kids but the thing
I was most excited about was getting my own library card.
Once I signed up and was given my card, I was so excited... I haven't
checked out a book or used my library card since I can't even
remember when, partly because I moved to a new town.  I miss the old
library I used to go to growing up, and I actually still have my
library card from back then in my wallet... I kept it for some reason after
all these years.

This may seem like something so simple to be excited about, but it was
a big day for me getting to not only get my new library card, but bring home
the first few books I have brought home from a
library in quite awhile.
Since I'm still reading a book of my own right now, I decided not
to check out any novels or fictional books... instead I chose a couple of books
on gardening and flowers!  I have really enjoyed looking at them so far,
especially since they have advice for Southern gardening and lovely photos of
everything from plantation gardens to orchards to
home gardens.

One of my favorite things about being there
was when we were browsing and came to a quiet area in the back with
a few reading chairs.  There were windows and glass doors going
out the back of the library and right outside aways was a secluded area
that went into the woods, with grass, trees, and a historical old shed type barn.
Nothing else but trees and the barn.  It was neat just looking
at some books with the peaceful view out the door-
 just a simple thing I found joy in. I hope to sit in that spot with
 a good book and look out at that
 barn more this Summer.

I also loved experiencing the feel of a library...
I felt strangely rejuvinated and excited just walking in between the
bookshelves, finding the aisle with all of the Nancy Drew's and
books I recognize from years ago.
I loved the feeling of being there and it sort of brought me back to the Summer
days eight or ten years ago when I was always at the library looking
for the next book that was going to come home with me,
begging my Mama to let me just pick out one more.

I had forgotten how much I love libraries.  My favorite are the
old, historical libraries that are so enormous they echo, like the library
in 'The Pagemaster'. Do you remember the library from that movie? It was so
amazing... but I like country libraries like ours too and I'm thankful
for the new library and the chance to enjoy it :)
I love buying books but I'm also going to start enjoying the library

That was a fun experience I had this weekend I wanted to share...
Do you like libraries or go to yours often, or do you prefer to
buy books instead, or both?

Thanks so much for reading.
Hope your weekend was blessed and


  1. What a great post! We spend several hours a couple of days a week at our library. We just love the atmosphere. I like to sit in a particular chair and browse through heavy books that I don't want to lug home.

    I don't care how we get books...library, store, antique/estate sale, or, I just love new and exciting books coming into our home! Books are my friends when there is no one else around, and my travels when the budget will not allow otherwise, my source of knowledge-especially when the internet is down.

    Ok...this is a long comment. Can you tell I love books? :)

    1. Hello Joy!
      I'm so glad you get to enjoy your library and books! I know exactly what you mean about the atmosphere- it's like nothing else. It's so refreshing to hear you talk about books as friends, and your source of knowledge and travel! Books truly are amazing that way, and the world would be a more knowledgable and kind place if more people felt that way.
      Thankyou for your comment!
      Have a wonderful day :)


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