Monday, May 28, 2012

Flowers and Fountains

Today started off well,
but by noon it was sort of feeling like one of those days...
hot and nothing too exciting happening... and usually I know how
to make the most of one of those days, seeing it as an  opportunity to relax.
We decided to get out for a little while though, and do something
simple, so we went and walked around Lowe's...  that may not sound like
the most thrilling activity, but I can remember so  many times going there
since I was little and walking around with my mama while
 she looked at the flowers, and it truly is a fun and easygoing thing
to do to just relax... although I can say I do enjoy looking at all the
flowers and gardening things more now that I am older.

Part of the calming environment of the garden area is
the beauty surrounding you as you walk through the aisles of
lovely floral amazingness!

As we were walking around, there were some flowers
I noticed that really caught my eye and I thought they were so
perfectly beautiful.
This one was such a lovely color...

...then there was one type of plant in particular, a Petunia, that had
such beautiful and delicate design in it's blooms.  It was unique and I
loved the beauty of it so much that I couldn't take just one picture.

Nearby was probably my favorite thing we looked at...
the garden fountains.
I have always loved seeing these fountains any place I go
that sells them.  The designs are so beautiful, and how
peaceful fountains are with the light trickling sounds they make
and just aesthetically overall.

My favorite was this one, sort of sweet and old-fashioned...

Just being there today, looking around, being in the garden- it all
reminded of me of how de-stressing it is to be in such a peaceful place
 surrounded by so many wonderful things...
nature, butterflies, and the blessing of all those amazing flowers.

Wishing you a blessed day as pleasant as the
sound of a fountain or the 
 beauty of a flower :)

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