Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today is May 1st! Already.
I cannot believe how fast 2012 is going, and now
that it's May and almost the midpoint of the year, I'm sure
it will just keep on going by fast...
When May arrives each year, I always feel
like Summer is so much closer for some reason also, probably
because of how much warmer the weather suddenly feels.

For a fun post for this first day of the month of May,
just thought I'd share a few fun things to look forward
to this month...

1) All those April Showers will be bringing
some beautiful May flowers

2) Grillin'/bbq season begins!
This is an exciting time in the South,
whether you're craving grilled veggies
or burgers and dogs.

3) Strawberry season= the freshest
 and juiciest strawberries
of the year

4) Swimming, days at the
lake, trips to the beach

5) Time to pull out your summery

What are some things you love about or are
looking forward to in May???

Thankyou for reading!
Have a Blessed Day


(photos courtesy Google Images)


  1. Mmmmm...grilled Portabella Mushrooms. I need to get to the Farmers Market.

    Great post, very happy and sunshiney! Have a great day!

    1. That does sound delicious! Hope you get your Portabellas :) I think it's neat how you can grill them and make a "burger" out of them instead of using a hamburger patty.

      Thanks so much always for your comments!
      You have a great day too!!


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