Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Old-Fashioned Schoolhouse

Lately I have been sort of
leisurely reading up on something you really don't see anymore...
the one-room Schoolhouse.
The vast majority of them were done away with
during the seventies and eighties, but before then they were operating
still in many of the rural areas of America... places like country
towns from South to North and places such as Iowa, as well
as Maine in the East.

I have found myself reading books that take place in the time
when schoolhouses were the only form of schooling in existence, and I
have fallen in love with the way things were then. That is not to say that I disagree
 with all of the more modern ways of schooling, but most elementary and secondary
schools that exist publicly here and now are large and impersonal.
The old-fashioned Schoolhouses were classic, personal, friendly, cozy and homey. 
They surely had a feeling different from any school I have ever attended.

I actually found a list online of one-rooms that are still in existence, but 
most are not in operation anymore. Here are a few from this list and elsewhere. 
Looking at them, I can't help but see a sense of purity, beauty and old-fashioned
magic in these quaint buildings that used to be- not to mention
the nostalgic history that lies within them...

The mountains of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Amboy, Minnesota

Lincolnton, Georgia

Storm Lake, Iowa

Putnam County, West Virginia

North Reading, Massachusetts

Log cabin style schoolhouse in
Fort Worth, Texas

One thing I noticed looking at the photos I have come across of
 these classic schoolhouses is that they allowed children to be near nature...
 many are in the mountains, the woods, near creeks, just in
 peaceful and natural settings all around.

I wonder if children in public schools now would trade their
school for one of these... I know I would have.

What do you think of one-room schoolhouses?

. . .

Thankyou for reading.
 Have a beautiful day!

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