Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Break & My Reading List!

Looking out the back window has been so pleasant today...
it is another rainy day and I can hear the faintest trickling
sound on the roof as the raindrops hit the shingles and spill downward
onto the plants and flowers below.

This pleasant day is also the first day of my summer break from my studies,
and although it isn't looking like summer from the weather outside,
it somehow feels like it to me.
I slept in this morning and had breakfast around
noon.  Then I got to read a little bit which was really nice... yet I almost
feel sort of lost without any work to do or place
I have to go.

I always love the first day of a good break though, because it
gives me an amazingly relaxing time to just think
and ponder over life and the weeks to come- things I hope to do over
the summer, projects I want to start, and things I'm excited to do
with my family.
One thing I'm pondering over today
is what books I hope to read now
that I have time...
I think many people, regardless of having a 'Summer Break' or not,
make a goal or list of however many many books they hope to read over summer...
so I decided to make a list myself.
Not a list of books I will follow exactly, but just to set a goal to
 read books I have wanted to read for awhile.
My list:

1. 'Farmer Boy', the second book in the 'Little House on the Prairie'
series (and as many of the books in the series as I
have time to read).

2.  'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe'
by Fannie Flagg

3.  At least one or two Nancy Drew books
(I have missed these so much!)

4. 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen

5. 'Tending Roses' by Christian fiction author Lisa Wingate

6. 'Gone With the Wind' by Margaret Mitchell
Being a Southern girl, I will be so thrilled to get to
read this.

7. 'Before You Meet Prince Charmin' by Sarah Mally.
This book has been on my heart and mind for sometime
and I am anxious to get the time to read it.

I'm so excited to get to enjoy leisure reading more and 
I am thankful for the simple joy and blessing of reading!
There are so, so many books I would love to read, but this will just
give me an idea of what I have the opportunity to read within the next
few months...

Have you read any of these books?
Do you have any specific goals or lists of things you want to
do or books you want to read for Summer or just
the year?

Thankyou so much for
~Hope your day has been Blessed~

{photos courtesy Goodreads}

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