Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I Love About Today...

I've been home all day today and I
have had a lot to do and take care of throughout my
day, but it has been lovely.... there has been a cozy shower all
day, sometimes heavy and sometimes just drizzling.

Here are a few simple, random things
I have enjoyed about this day:

Lucie doing her favorite activity ;)
1. Spending the day with my dog.
There's something so pure and comforting
about being around sweet little animals.

2. Waking up to see new sprouts and
growing sprouts from the seeds I planted
both this weekend and last.

3. Watching the rain through the window.
It's so soothing, hearing it patter on the roof and
watching it as it splashes on the porch
and on flower petals.

4. Seeing my Daddy for a little bit
while home on his break.

5. Reading and being inspired... by blogs,
magazines and books I am thoroughly enjoying.

What were some of your favorite things
about today?

Hope your day was blessed &

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