Saturday, June 30, 2012

At the River

I love rivers... there is something about them that makes me feel at peace.
They are beautiful and lovely and make me thankful to be alive, thankful to God that He gave us rivers.
Today I had the privelege of going to the river nearby to sit and relax awhile.
At the place in the river where we were there was a small bridge that ran across.  This was the view standing on the bridge.  It was neat looking straight down at the small perch and little fish swimming through the flowing grass beneath the surface.

The last time we went down by this river, we found this small floating dock and sat on it with our feet in the water.  This time we went straight to the dock, sat on the edge, and did the same.

The water felt so cool.  The water comes from a spring and when I first put my feet in, I almost couldn't take it because it was freezing... but it still felt wonderful and refreshing to feel something so cool in this heat.

I am so glad we had a chance to stop by the river today!
I loved the feeling of being near it.  No matter what river I am near, I am always reminded of 'A River Runs Through It', although the beauty of that river would be hard to beat.

Hope your day has been blessed!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Lovely Red Satin

Recently I finished sewing a new piece of clothing,
a dressy blouse made of a red satin material.
From the moment I saw the fabric, I thought it was just
beautiful and I loved the color and smoothness.

I regret not being able to take a better photo, but this is what it
turned out like... I must say this was the most detailed and difficult thing I have 
 sewn so far as a beginner seamstress, because of the fact that it was sleeveless,
 had a different style of neckline, and was a bit of a tough fabric to work with.
I enjoyed making it though :)

Here is the trim I chose to finish it off- a pretty satin threaded lace...

That is the latest thing I have sewn that I wanted to share.
I am getting started on a new piece, a dress this time, which I am excited
to work on.

Thankyou for reading!
~Have a Blessed day~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Amazing Individual: Helen Keller

I thought today would be the perfect day to share my
fascination with and thoughts on a book I checked out from the
 library almost a week ago.  The book has pictures with captions
telling the life story and accomplishments of Helen Keller,
who's birthday would have been today, June 27th.
I am so glad I had the privelege of seeing even a glimpse of who she was through
this book, and I have to say... I had no idea how amazing she was!

Yes, I had learned during my childhood that she was stricken with
an illness early in her life that left her both blind and deaf.
I also knew that she had accomplished incredible things in her life.
Unfortunately, though, most of my knowledge of her consisted of what I
had been told or read to about- that she was an unagreeable person due to her
frustrations and struggles in life. 
That doesn't seem to be true at all according to what I have been reading;
she actually seems to have been quite a lovely person.
What truly left an impression on me was the way she learned
to function as she did.  Reading about her last night, I finally
discovered how she learned to read and write and live her life in the incredible
way that she did, and it is absolutely miraculous.
.      .      .

Helen, who was at first
 an uncontrollable and frustrated child due to her
struggles, was introduced to a teacher when she was seven.  This teacher,
Annie Sullivan (who would stay with Helen for nearly fifty years),
 would change her life forever.  Before this time,
Helen could not read or write or functionally understand others, but after
just a few months with Annie, Helen had her first breakthrough...
Her teacher would attempt to communicate words to
Helen by touch- letting her hold something, such as a doll, or other object
and then spelling the word D-O-L-L out in her hand.
The first time Helen understood that the letters spelled out in her hand were
meant to describe the object she was feeling was when her teacher
ran cool water over hand and spelled out the word 'water'.
I can't even imagine how Helen must have felt to have the amazing realization
and happiness of being able to communicate in this way, knowing
what W-A-T-E-R was.
This was only the first step in her progression.

All of her life, Helen 'heard' and understood people in this way, by having words
and sentences spelled out to her letter by letter.  When braille
was not available for a certain text, even books were read to her this way.
Another way she did this was by using her hands to feel the vibrations of
others throats (voiceboxes) when they were speaking while feeling
their lips to sense what motions their mouth was making for each word.
Learning these things about Helen Keller has made such an impression on me;
saying she was a fascinating person is an understatement.

I found very old footage showing how she understood words and
spoke.  As I've been reading about her, I couldn't help but wonder
what her voice was like, so it was very interesting to hear her speak.

Helen was asked once what her biggest regret was about life.
She replied that it was that she was never able to speak properly.
In the opinion of most people I'm sure, it is amazing
that she could even form words and speak at all, having never actually heard
anyone's voice to teach her how to speak and pronounce them.

These aspects of her life are what truly amazed me, but Ms. Keller accomplished
much in her life and met some of the world's most famous and powerful
people as well, including presidents and first ladies, and leaders of other
countries such as India.
She was also mentored in her youth by Alexander Graham Bell,
and in her younger years also met Mark Twain.

~I was surprised and delighted to learn a few interesting facts about Helen
I did not know before reading about her this week:

Helen was a Southern girl!  She was born and raised in
Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1880.

She had two other siblings, a sister and a brother.

In college, Helen found it hard to make friends because
practically none of her classmates knew the 'finger alphabet'
she used to communicate... so her classmates bought her a Boston
terrier to show their friendship and she became very fond of him.

Helen used her sense of touch to 'hear' music by feeling
the vibrations the organ and other instruments made.

As an adult, she had her eyes surgically removed and replaced
with glass blue eyes.

Helen had hobbies of playing trumpet, as well as
horse-back riding.

I love reading about or discovering a subject or person that I never
took the opportunity to educate myself on before.  I enjoy it even more when
I become enthralled with that subject, and Helen Keller and her incredible life
have definitely captivated and amazed me.
I hope to read her biographies and autobiography at some point in my life!

She was truly an astonishing human being and lived a bright life
despite living in darkness and silence.

What do you think of Helen Keller and her life?

Thankyou for reading.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Truly Amazing House!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading
a book written by Barbra Streisand all about her love for design and
the art of interior decorating.
The book is fittingly called "My Passion for Design".
I myself have a love for interior design, and I could not put down this
book... the novel I am currently reading, and was reading at the same time,
was neglected because I was captivated by this book.

I thought it was an amazing book- the photographs were lovely, it was
interesting in many ways, and she has a somewhat unique since of style and design
that made it especially interesting to read.  It was also not just a book
of absent-mindedly taken photos of a celebrity home that was put together without
purpose... there were detailed pages upon pages of descriptions of different
architechts throughout history that Barbra Streisand admired and explanations
of different key pieces in all the rooms (where she found them, their history, etc.)
This aspect of the book was perhaps the key to making it so interesting!

Before sharing my favorite parts and what things I was most drawn to
in this incredible book, I will say that you have to read the book and look at
just about all of the photos to realize just how many things she owns.  Although I did
think it was incredible and so many things were beautiful, it would almost
seem a sin to own so many things and have so many materialistic posessions...
I did enjoy the book, but I will say that honestly just thinking of owning so
many things was a little overwhelming.

This point aside, her estate and property- which includes four buildings total- was
intricately thought out, furnished, designed, and decorated in an amazing way...
and just beautiful and like a fantasy, fairytale home.
She described it as a labor of love and this was evident to me as
a reader just by reading about and looking at everything she photographed.
A few of the photos from her book...

This is her 'barn' style farmhouse built from scratch.  From the photos in the book of every
single room, you can tell that the house is absolutely enormous inside.
The pond and outdoor area would be so lovely to see in person!

Definitely one of the most fascinating things about this house on her property
was not one room in particular, the family room, kitchen, or her bedroom.  It is actually
below her house and it is her very own street she had built below ground, with street benches
and cobble-stone walks included.  Imagine having a private little street that you can
 just go down to whenever you want!
She had a Sweets shop built, as well as an antique shop, and even
a Gift shop.  My favorites, however, were these:

The Doll Shop.
This room, or 'shop' had so many beautiful dolls that she had bought
at auctions or in different places around the world. 
Not only that, but there were amazing and intricate doll houses- one in the window of
the shop and others in other shops along her 'street'.

The Antique Clothes Shop.
This was especially neat to read about and the photos
taken made the room seem as beautiful as I'm sure it is in person.
This is the room where all of the vintage clothing that she has collected over the
years is stored and showcased, as well as stage outfits and costumes.
Everything seemed just absolutely beautiful!

.          .          .

Next to the barn style home with all of that inside was
the Millhouse. 
And attached to the side of it was a waterwheel.  This was
possibly my favorite part of the whole landscape and layout on the property.
Waterwheels are so beautifully picturesque, especially here with the
koi pond running below and into a stream. 

I could not find a better picture of this, unfortunately, but it was
truly beautiful.
This pond runs into the stream that eventually flows down into the water
in front of the house.

.         .          .

There were honestly so many rooms and interiors mentioned and
photographed in the book that there is no way I could remember all of them...
but these are just a few things I found most beautiful.
There were two other seperate homes on her property, but more than those
homes I loved the beauty and serenity of the landscape most so I will
share a photo of the garden.
Roses cascade everywhere.  It looked so breathtaking.
Even more beautiful was the view from the back of the house,
on a cliff with the ocean and beach just below.

.          .          .

I was just amazed by the beauty of the landscape and interiors
in and around the house, and really throughout the entire book.
I appreciate architecture like this and imagination in design.

If you are anything like me this would be a book you may enjoy

.          .          .

Have a beautiful day!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer is Here!

This painting reminds me very much of Summer.
I love the reflections on the water, the beautiful colors and the calmness
of the scenery, and especially the lighthouse. 
 As of yesterday, it is officially summertime and although
I can't say that I am looking forward to more hot weather,
I do love some things about it.

Summer breezes
They are so refreshing and lovely
in the middle of the day.  Just when you think it the heat is getting
unbearable, a nice breeze comes through at the right moment.

Every fruit is a pleasure during the summer.
They are so juicy and delicious and keep you cool and 
hydrated. Down here, the watermelons and peaches are especially
 wonderful this time of year!

In the South, especially since I have moved toward
the country, I love the scenery of a beautiful field of crops beneath
a bright blue sky.  I see fields of many different food crops as well as sunflowers,
but a field of grains or cotton is the nicest to look at to me;
at the end of the summer there is a field at the end of our road
 where the cotton blooms and it is so neat to see.

Lemonade, Sweet Tea, and Popsicles!
Good, sweet, refreshing food and drinks are something I
can't get enough of during both spring and summer. With the heat like it is,
you see more kids with popsicles and ice cream cones and more people
in general with an ice cold beverage in hand than any other time of year.
I believe these refreshments are best after a long, hot day outside or while sitting
out on the back porch.

Getting out and playing for recreation with my family
is something I enjoy so much, but watching baseball is also a great 
 thing about summer.  I have been to quite a few baseball games over the years-
 it is a tradition in our family and one of my favorite pastimes that I will always
treasure and enjoy and I look forward to it every year.

The Beach
I miss taking trips to the beach so much!  The beach is calling
my family and I and I am hoping we can make a trip there before this
season is over.  We sometimes go in the Fall, but it isn't quite the same.
I long to hear the sound of the waves gently rolling and crashing, the feeling of
 sand between my toes, and laying out on a blanket with the sunshine and
the sea air on me at the same time.

.         .         .

What are you most looking forward to, or not looking forward to,
about Summer being here?

~Have beautiful day~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

I have never lost a parent.
I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to lose either of my parents.
This post, my heart, and all my prayers go to Kandee Johnson who lost her father in a tragic accident.

I don't know her personally, but her genuine, kind, encouraging, maternal & family oriented personality
shines through every single one of her blog posts.
She is the first blogger I ever started following and she has inpired me in more ways than I can describe.

My heart is so saddened after reading her post this morning.
The closeness of the father-daughter relationship is sweet and so loving.
Losing a father like hers would be more heartbreaking than I can know, and I wish I could go give her a huge hug and cry with her where she is.
I pray that with prayers and time her heart will maybe not hurt so much.

God Bless You Kandee!

At the link above, you can read her heartfelt post and maybe leave her a sweet or encouraging comment.
If you have gone or are going through such a loss my prayers are with you as well!
Have a beautiful day.

A Bit of Heaven

A few days ago, I wrote about my excitement of having 
received a package with my highly awaited Southern cookbook inside!
As of now, I am thrilled to share that I have tried making
a recipe out of it for the first time...
a baked macaroni dish, more officially (in the Hall of Fame of Southern
Recipes cookbook)
known as 'Grandma Jo's Famous Mac and Cheese'.
Here is what it looked like right after it came out
of the oven.

Grandma Jo must be/have been a wonderful, smart southern lady
because this is without any doubt whatsoever the BEST Mac n' Cheese dish
I have ever had the privilege of tasting...  it came out so delicious, creamy on the inside, but
with a delightful crispness with the baked top.
It was so wonderful that I did so much more than taste it,
I had a few more servings than I would like to admit ;)
I couldn't get enough of it.  And more importantly, my family loved it too. Usually
I am the one who makes a lot of baked goods and sweets, but there
is something truly fulfilling about presenting your family with a supper they
can enjoy.

That brings me to not only the joy, but the sense of pride that I felt
after making this meal.  I can't explain it, but it felt wonderful.  Those feelings
probably came from the sheer excitement and relief that it came out as well as I hoped.
If you are looking for a meal to make for a special occasion where you
are hoping to impress someone with your cooking, I would definitely recommend this!
 After making it, I couldn't help but think that this is the perfect meal
to impress future parents-in-law.
There are so many other scenarios and places this would be an impressive meal.
In the South we have many, many backyard BBQ's, cookouts,
different types of socials and gatherings, etc. and of course baby and wedding showers... 
I believe this will be the dish I will bring to any occasion
I go to :)

Above all, this recipe was completely wonderful!  It made me
thankful to be alive, thankful for the smallest things like having been created with
taste buds, and thankful that even if all of the other recipes were awful in this
 book it wouldn't even matter because this one turned out so amazing
and made it worth it!

If you would like to experience a little bit of heaven,
here is the recipe:

1 8 oz. box macaroni noodles
1 stick of butter
1 large egg
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp. salt
2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar
1/2 cup of half-and-half
2 cups small curd-cottage cheese

1/2 stick butter, softened
15 or more Ritz crackers, crushed
1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar

Cook macaroni according to directions, drain and add butter.
Set aside. Mix egg, cottage cheese, sour cream, half-and-half, and salt.
Add this mixture to the cooked macaroni, mix well, place in buttered
9x13 inch pan.
Mix ingredients for topping and spread completely over top of macaroni
in the pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

*Note- if you would like this recipe to be not
quite as rich as it is, you could do like I did and not put in the
cottage cheese.  I decided not to add it in because it would be more
of a lasagna type texture, instead of creamier.  Also, instead of
the 2 cups of cheddar to add to the macaroni and mixture before stirring
altogether, I only used about 1 1/2 cups of the cheddar.
This made it less rich.  Everything turned out perfectly, though, in
my opinion at a good medium- not too rich, but absolutely
delicious and rich enough.

Recipes like this one, and all of those recipes
handed down from woman to woman through countless generations, are what
make food in the South what it is.
I look forward to sharing more
of the recipes from my new book as I make them.

Have a wonderful day of blessings
(and good food)!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprise Delivery!

I just love surprises.
Today I opened my door to find a package on the door mat!
It actually only counts as partly a surprise because I have been expecting
it, but I just didn't know when it would be here.
In a post a while back, I talked about an
absolutely amazing looking book of Southern recipes I had seen (and
could not get out of my mind) on QVC.  Well, I ordered it!
I got so excited about it because it is a 'Hall of Fame' Southern
cookbook, and have been anxiously awaiting
the day it would be dropped on my doorstep- until today!
I guess I am just writing this because I'm excited... because I think
excitement and love for something good is worth sharing... but I also wanted
to tell about some of the wonderful recipes I have come across
just thumbing through it since it arrived today.

This book seems to have a wide variety of truly Southern recipes,
covering what looks to be about 200 or more from appetizers
and desserts to any good home-cooked meal you can possibly
think of.  Every part of the South seems to represented as well-
cajun french, the deep south, southwestern, and much more.

A few are...
Fried green tomato casserole
Baked & breaded Southern mac n' cheese
fried chicken (of course!)
chicken n' dumplings
cheese and sausage grits
shrimp etouffee
coconut cake
coconut cream pie
peach pie
fried pie

There are so many more, like amazing looking cookies and cakes
and even dips and things like that.
One thing I really am pleased with, aside from the wonderful variety,
is the detail of the recipes which seem to be very well
illustrated and sort of no-fail.  Not to mention nearly all the recipes
have pictures beside them!  To me, a cookbook can't get my appetite
up as well without a good picture to make you hungry, hehe.
Another great thing is that everything is categorized for easy lookup.

I hope to share some of these recipes in full as I make them.
Every time I eat a good Southern meal, I thank God I'm from here,
and I'm really excited to started learning some new things
about the food I have grown up on all my life- not just enjoying
it but actually knowing how to prepare different things :)

Thankyou for reading.
Here's to great Southern home-cooking
(& surprise packages)!
Have a wonderful evening!

My New Favorite Recipe

Last night I felt like baking something, so I decided to try a recipe
that I have never baked before.  It is one I just recently added to my personal
 recipe journal... chocolate chip cookies!
I can tell you that this is a true chocolate chip cookie recipe, with a good amount
of butter and other rich things.  Although I have been trying to watch my sugar
intake, I took a night to try something 'bad', hahaha, and this is what I
 decided to make... So this is not a healthy recipe, but it is good! These are cookies
to have when you want to treat yourself to something yummy.

To be honest, this recipe came with a box of butter
a while ago and I copied it down out of curiosity to see how good it was.
I can definitely say it is indeed good- sweet enough but not too sweet and 
absolutely delicious (especially with a good glass of milk)!
 I recommend it to anyone who likes chocolate chip cookies!

So here is the recipe:
~Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies~
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 cup softened butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 eggs slightly beaten
2 tsp. vanilla extract (I like
to add just a smidge more for
extra flavor)
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
. . .
Preheat oven to 375 deg.
Cooktime: apx 10 minutes
Yield: 24 cookies

I think I can easily say this is my new favorite recipe
for cookies made from scratch, and likely one of the best I
have tasted.

Thankyou for reading.
Wishing you lovely baking &
a lovely day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Small Town, Southern Charm

A few days ago, we had the privilege of
getting to take some time to take a small trip to a town I always
love going to.  It is one of those gems of the South, a place where life is
slower paced and more easygoing with an amazing amount of charm.  It was
founded in the 1870's and still possesses most if not all of it's old-timey feel... remaining
a place where families take a stroll together on a warm Summer day and
the people sit outside their stores or homes drinking lemonade or eating an ice-cream cone.
Every time we visit, I enjoy taking advantage of the
sweetness found there in the landscape and buildings and all the different
 opportunities to enjoy the surroundings while taking a few photos...
 not to mention just taking pictures of the fun things I can find in the many shops there.

When we first got out and started walking around, I saw this old shed.
As many times as I have been to this place, I had never noticed it... but I
love everything about it and how it is representative of history and of the South.
I immediately took a photo and even asked my Mama to stand in front of
it for a photo.  It looked so rustic and beautiful in it's own way.

There were also so many beautiful flowers everywhere you looked.

Although small, the town is sort of like a different world with it's
old-worldliness and even has an old-fashioned dance hall!
There is even something neat about the water tower.  Deep back in those
trees past the dance hall there is a restaurant on the river with amazing traditional
food... at the entrance of the restaurant you stand right at the base of
the tower and look up at it.  I have always thought there was something interesting
about waters towers, so maybe that's just something I do, hahaha.

This is the antique store, which is more like a giant warehouse of endless
walls upon walls of antiques.  I love it in there.  There are lots of other boutiques
and cafes, a bed and breakfast, and even the original town General Store.
The main place we went, though, is the antique store.  It is so much
fun to look around for an hour or two at the history left behind by others.
There is everything from vintage signs, household items and appliances, family
portraits of settlers, old saddles and farm equipment to clothing and performers'
 costumes and jewelry, and that probably isn't even the half of it...

My favorite thing I found all day was this vintage Singer sewing
machine, especially since I've somewhat recently gotten into sewing (but it
would have caught my eye nonetheless).  It was so beautiful and looked
to be made with exquisite quality, the way they unfortunately seem to have stopped
making things nowadays.

Vintage telephones, rather rotary dial style or older, are amazing.
There were about twenty different phones there but this one was the neatest.
The only one I think would have been more amazing is a candle-stick phone,
I think they're called, with the seperate pieces.

This old typewriter was another thing I would have loved to bring
 home.  I have a typewriter from the forties, but this one was incredible.

One of the most 'vintage' and old-fashioned areas of the
store was where the home-furnishings and appliances were.
This stove was so wonderful, not to mention the copper tea-kettle.
I watched an old movie with Claudette Colbert a few months ago where
she and her husband buy a farm together and this stove reminded
me of the one they had- from what I can remember.

.          .          .

We had a nice time enjoying the charm and beauty of the town
(and the antique store).  After looking at all the beautiful antiques, I bought
one antique item- this piece of jewelry, a western style cuff bracelet.

Those are just a few photos from our visit I wanted to share,
as well as my love for the beautiful gems of old-fashioned towns
like this one that are still left in the South.

Have a Blessed day!


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Joy of Giving!

Today is an exciting day... I am going to a
graduation gathering for one of my closest friends.  We have been best
friends since I can remember, we met around the time we were
two years old. I am so happy for her and to get to be there for her
for this big milestone in her life, especially because it meant the world to me
that she came to support me during mine last year.

I am so thrilled to be seeing her later today, but I think what
will give my heart the most joy is giving her the gift I will
be bringing... She and her sister brought me a lovely gift last year for
my graduation and whenI was trying to get her something a couple weeks ago,
I really couldn't find anything to buy that felt special enough.
So I decided to make something instead... it was kind of like a fun two week project
as I tried to think of the design I wanted to do and added different details
and elements, and I truly enjoyed designing and
making this for her. I hope she likes it!

It is a jewelry box. I purchased it plain and unfinished where it was basically
just the light colored wood with the glass front.  I wanted
to make something beautiful and original for her, so I hand-painted it and
made it special just for her...

To make it more personal, I found this wooden 'H' (for Hailey), and
painted it to go on top.  I also added an intricate paper backing to the glass
to add a pretty touch.

To go inside, I got her these pairs of sort of classy, vintage earrings.
Because what is a jewelry box without some jewelry? :)

Just wanted to share this, my latest craft project and gift. 
I had so much fun making it for her.  I love the feeling of giving, whether
it's making someone something they will enjoy or buying them something...
the joy of giving is a gift in itself.
I believe God puts certain people in your life to influence
you positively, people who will always be there and truly care for you.
We have seen eachother through a lot in our relatively short lives
so far, and although tonight is a joyful occasion it is no exception. 
She has been through great tragedy but
always remains strong- I admire that in her so much and I am
so happy to get to support her and celebrate this joyous point in her life with her.

I'm off to go get ready!

Thankyou for reading.
Have a lovely evening :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Daybook

My Daybook

Outside my window...
there is a bright blue sky with close clouds covering the sun, making for a cooler day!

I am thinking...
about the weekend.

I am thankful...
for sweet dreams and the ability to dream at all.  It is a blessing to dream something wonderful and have it on your mind all day after you've awoken.

In the kitchen...
tissue paper is sprawled out on the table for gift wrapping.

I am wearing...
my exercise clothes as I got back from playing tennis a little while ago.

I am creating...
new aspirations and hopes in my mind.

I am going...
to try and do some baking later tonight.

I am wondering...
how long it will take for an item I ordered to come in. I am awaiting it's arrival!

I am reading...
a wonderful book on design.

I am hoping...
for answers to my prayers.

I am looking forward to...
seeing old friends tomorrow.

I am learning...
ways to make improvements to my health as much as I can.

I am pondering...
over what I should wear to a semi-formal gathering I'm going to tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...
taking pictures of beautiful things I see around me.

A favorite quote for today...
"An 'enemy' is someone that God puts in our path that is most in need of love; not retaliation or retribution or harm or insult". -John Carmody

A few plans for the rest of the week...
go to a graduation gathering/party tomorrow, maybe see a movie, work on sewing a dress over the weekend.

A peek into my day...

Set up this small aquarium near my bed...
 it's so relaxing and the light is so soothing and
changes colors. I love it.

~Have a blessed and wonderful day~

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Year Ago Today...

Sometimes it truly amazes me how time
flies... on this day last year I was doing one of the most important
and exciting things I have done in my entire life...
I was at my Graduation!

I wanted to just take a moment to share
a few pictures as I remember what the experience was like.
{I've cut out some people in these photos for privacy}

... one of the things about graduating I loved and was so thankful for was
receiving this beautiful cake from my parents, as well as
these lovely flowers my two best childhood friends brought me after
the ceremony...

It was a wonderful day... being surrounded by my closest friends- both
those who graduated alongside me and who came to support me- and family
and enjoying the wonder and excitement of the moment.
I just can't believe it was already a year ago.

I am so thankful for these memories!
.   .   .

Have a beautifully blessed day!

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