Friday, June 29, 2012

Lovely Red Satin

Recently I finished sewing a new piece of clothing,
a dressy blouse made of a red satin material.
From the moment I saw the fabric, I thought it was just
beautiful and I loved the color and smoothness.

I regret not being able to take a better photo, but this is what it
turned out like... I must say this was the most detailed and difficult thing I have 
 sewn so far as a beginner seamstress, because of the fact that it was sleeveless,
 had a different style of neckline, and was a bit of a tough fabric to work with.
I enjoyed making it though :)

Here is the trim I chose to finish it off- a pretty satin threaded lace...

That is the latest thing I have sewn that I wanted to share.
I am getting started on a new piece, a dress this time, which I am excited
to work on.

Thankyou for reading!
~Have a Blessed day~


  1. I think that your red satin blouse looks lovely! I especially like the lace trim that you used for the bottom.

    You did a great job. I am more of a novice seamstress than yourself. I don't think I am brave enough to try sewing a blouse. :)

    1. Hello Mara!
      Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and compliments on my blouse! And I am betting that you would be able to sew a beautiful blouse :) You should try- I didn't think I would be able to either, it intimidated me, but I did.

      Have a wonderful day
      & thankyou for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful! Now we need a picture of you in it...with pearls! :)

    1. Hi Joy!
      Thankyou! Ooh, you just made me realize what type of jewelry I will wear with this ;)
      And I wanted to take a photo of myself wearing it, but wasn't feeling very glamorous at the time. Maybe I will take one soon though or when I first wear it.

      Thankyou for reading & commenting!
      Have a blessed day,


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