Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Small Town, Southern Charm

A few days ago, we had the privilege of
getting to take some time to take a small trip to a town I always
love going to.  It is one of those gems of the South, a place where life is
slower paced and more easygoing with an amazing amount of charm.  It was
founded in the 1870's and still possesses most if not all of it's old-timey feel... remaining
a place where families take a stroll together on a warm Summer day and
the people sit outside their stores or homes drinking lemonade or eating an ice-cream cone.
Every time we visit, I enjoy taking advantage of the
sweetness found there in the landscape and buildings and all the different
 opportunities to enjoy the surroundings while taking a few photos...
 not to mention just taking pictures of the fun things I can find in the many shops there.

When we first got out and started walking around, I saw this old shed.
As many times as I have been to this place, I had never noticed it... but I
love everything about it and how it is representative of history and of the South.
I immediately took a photo and even asked my Mama to stand in front of
it for a photo.  It looked so rustic and beautiful in it's own way.

There were also so many beautiful flowers everywhere you looked.

Although small, the town is sort of like a different world with it's
old-worldliness and even has an old-fashioned dance hall!
There is even something neat about the water tower.  Deep back in those
trees past the dance hall there is a restaurant on the river with amazing traditional
food... at the entrance of the restaurant you stand right at the base of
the tower and look up at it.  I have always thought there was something interesting
about waters towers, so maybe that's just something I do, hahaha.

This is the antique store, which is more like a giant warehouse of endless
walls upon walls of antiques.  I love it in there.  There are lots of other boutiques
and cafes, a bed and breakfast, and even the original town General Store.
The main place we went, though, is the antique store.  It is so much
fun to look around for an hour or two at the history left behind by others.
There is everything from vintage signs, household items and appliances, family
portraits of settlers, old saddles and farm equipment to clothing and performers'
 costumes and jewelry, and that probably isn't even the half of it...

My favorite thing I found all day was this vintage Singer sewing
machine, especially since I've somewhat recently gotten into sewing (but it
would have caught my eye nonetheless).  It was so beautiful and looked
to be made with exquisite quality, the way they unfortunately seem to have stopped
making things nowadays.

Vintage telephones, rather rotary dial style or older, are amazing.
There were about twenty different phones there but this one was the neatest.
The only one I think would have been more amazing is a candle-stick phone,
I think they're called, with the seperate pieces.

This old typewriter was another thing I would have loved to bring
 home.  I have a typewriter from the forties, but this one was incredible.

One of the most 'vintage' and old-fashioned areas of the
store was where the home-furnishings and appliances were.
This stove was so wonderful, not to mention the copper tea-kettle.
I watched an old movie with Claudette Colbert a few months ago where
she and her husband buy a farm together and this stove reminded
me of the one they had- from what I can remember.

.          .          .

We had a nice time enjoying the charm and beauty of the town
(and the antique store).  After looking at all the beautiful antiques, I bought
one antique item- this piece of jewelry, a western style cuff bracelet.

Those are just a few photos from our visit I wanted to share,
as well as my love for the beautiful gems of old-fashioned towns
like this one that are still left in the South.

Have a Blessed day!



  1. What a fun time! I LOVE the typewriter and LOVE the sewing machine! So glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thankyou, we did have a lovely time :) I loved all those vintage pieces too, they were so amazing- I wish I could have photographed more. Gotta love antiquing!

      Have a wonderful day!


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