Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprise Delivery!

I just love surprises.
Today I opened my door to find a package on the door mat!
It actually only counts as partly a surprise because I have been expecting
it, but I just didn't know when it would be here.
In a post a while back, I talked about an
absolutely amazing looking book of Southern recipes I had seen (and
could not get out of my mind) on QVC.  Well, I ordered it!
I got so excited about it because it is a 'Hall of Fame' Southern
cookbook, and have been anxiously awaiting
the day it would be dropped on my doorstep- until today!
I guess I am just writing this because I'm excited... because I think
excitement and love for something good is worth sharing... but I also wanted
to tell about some of the wonderful recipes I have come across
just thumbing through it since it arrived today.

This book seems to have a wide variety of truly Southern recipes,
covering what looks to be about 200 or more from appetizers
and desserts to any good home-cooked meal you can possibly
think of.  Every part of the South seems to represented as well-
cajun french, the deep south, southwestern, and much more.

A few are...
Fried green tomato casserole
Baked & breaded Southern mac n' cheese
fried chicken (of course!)
chicken n' dumplings
cheese and sausage grits
shrimp etouffee
coconut cake
coconut cream pie
peach pie
fried pie

There are so many more, like amazing looking cookies and cakes
and even dips and things like that.
One thing I really am pleased with, aside from the wonderful variety,
is the detail of the recipes which seem to be very well
illustrated and sort of no-fail.  Not to mention nearly all the recipes
have pictures beside them!  To me, a cookbook can't get my appetite
up as well without a good picture to make you hungry, hehe.
Another great thing is that everything is categorized for easy lookup.

I hope to share some of these recipes in full as I make them.
Every time I eat a good Southern meal, I thank God I'm from here,
and I'm really excited to started learning some new things
about the food I have grown up on all my life- not just enjoying
it but actually knowing how to prepare different things :)

Thankyou for reading.
Here's to great Southern home-cooking
(& surprise packages)!
Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Oh I am so happy for you! How fun, new cookbooks are alwasy so incredibly exciting. I am sure that if it were not for the corporate structure of the business, being a delivery man would be one of the most delightful careers...seeing the joy on peoples faces everytime you went to their home, how fun!

    1. Hello Joy!
      Thankyou! I really am excited to delve into this cookbook. I could not agree more, getting a new one is so exciting with all the possibilities of new dishes to make!
      Oh, that is such a nice point... I bet delivering packages would be such a happy job, seeing all those smiles. Especially when delivering things like flowers (do they even still do that?) and getting to surprise people with something so lovely.

      Thankyou for your always kind and lovely comments :)
      Have a wonderful day,

  2. Oh my! I could feel your excitement all the way through my computer screen! :) Looking at your cookbook reminds me that I need to get some new cookbooks myself. This one sounds like a good one. I hope you will enjoy making some new dishes. Please be sure to share with us what you have tried. :)


    1. Hello Mara!
      If you are looking for new cookbooks, QVC has many wonderful ones they seem to be advertising often lately. Some are a bit pricy but not always, and this one seems like it's going to be well worth it! I am very excited to prepare more of the dishes in this book, and I will definitely share the ones I try :)

      Thankyou so much for your kind comment!
      Hope you have a Blessed day!


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