Monday, June 25, 2012

A Truly Amazing House!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading
a book written by Barbra Streisand all about her love for design and
the art of interior decorating.
The book is fittingly called "My Passion for Design".
I myself have a love for interior design, and I could not put down this
book... the novel I am currently reading, and was reading at the same time,
was neglected because I was captivated by this book.

I thought it was an amazing book- the photographs were lovely, it was
interesting in many ways, and she has a somewhat unique since of style and design
that made it especially interesting to read.  It was also not just a book
of absent-mindedly taken photos of a celebrity home that was put together without
purpose... there were detailed pages upon pages of descriptions of different
architechts throughout history that Barbra Streisand admired and explanations
of different key pieces in all the rooms (where she found them, their history, etc.)
This aspect of the book was perhaps the key to making it so interesting!

Before sharing my favorite parts and what things I was most drawn to
in this incredible book, I will say that you have to read the book and look at
just about all of the photos to realize just how many things she owns.  Although I did
think it was incredible and so many things were beautiful, it would almost
seem a sin to own so many things and have so many materialistic posessions...
I did enjoy the book, but I will say that honestly just thinking of owning so
many things was a little overwhelming.

This point aside, her estate and property- which includes four buildings total- was
intricately thought out, furnished, designed, and decorated in an amazing way...
and just beautiful and like a fantasy, fairytale home.
She described it as a labor of love and this was evident to me as
a reader just by reading about and looking at everything she photographed.
A few of the photos from her book...

This is her 'barn' style farmhouse built from scratch.  From the photos in the book of every
single room, you can tell that the house is absolutely enormous inside.
The pond and outdoor area would be so lovely to see in person!

Definitely one of the most fascinating things about this house on her property
was not one room in particular, the family room, kitchen, or her bedroom.  It is actually
below her house and it is her very own street she had built below ground, with street benches
and cobble-stone walks included.  Imagine having a private little street that you can
 just go down to whenever you want!
She had a Sweets shop built, as well as an antique shop, and even
a Gift shop.  My favorites, however, were these:

The Doll Shop.
This room, or 'shop' had so many beautiful dolls that she had bought
at auctions or in different places around the world. 
Not only that, but there were amazing and intricate doll houses- one in the window of
the shop and others in other shops along her 'street'.

The Antique Clothes Shop.
This was especially neat to read about and the photos
taken made the room seem as beautiful as I'm sure it is in person.
This is the room where all of the vintage clothing that she has collected over the
years is stored and showcased, as well as stage outfits and costumes.
Everything seemed just absolutely beautiful!

.          .          .

Next to the barn style home with all of that inside was
the Millhouse. 
And attached to the side of it was a waterwheel.  This was
possibly my favorite part of the whole landscape and layout on the property.
Waterwheels are so beautifully picturesque, especially here with the
koi pond running below and into a stream. 

I could not find a better picture of this, unfortunately, but it was
truly beautiful.
This pond runs into the stream that eventually flows down into the water
in front of the house.

.         .          .

There were honestly so many rooms and interiors mentioned and
photographed in the book that there is no way I could remember all of them...
but these are just a few things I found most beautiful.
There were two other seperate homes on her property, but more than those
homes I loved the beauty and serenity of the landscape most so I will
share a photo of the garden.
Roses cascade everywhere.  It looked so breathtaking.
Even more beautiful was the view from the back of the house,
on a cliff with the ocean and beach just below.

.          .          .

I was just amazed by the beauty of the landscape and interiors
in and around the house, and really throughout the entire book.
I appreciate architecture like this and imagination in design.

If you are anything like me this would be a book you may enjoy

.          .          .

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Wow! I am so sorry that I missed this post before. What great pictures and I love the descriptions! A STREET inside her home? Oh my goodness. This is a book I am going to have to find.

    I agree...I would feel odd owning so many things too. I would not feel right about having a showcase home. My aunt and grandma have showcase homes and my sister is working on hers...but they are not very welcoming as everything is breakable and is "look, don't touch."

    1. Hello Joy!
      I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I just had to share it, I thought the home was just incredible. I do hope you are able to get a hold of her book. You seem like the type of person who would truly appreciate all of the decor and architecture!
      That is a great way to put it, though; those types of homes really arent very welcoming or inviting. You cant 'live' in them.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

      Have a lovely day :)


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