Monday, July 23, 2012

Off to Colorado

I unfortunately can't seem to upload any of the
photos I was going to put in this post.  I apologize that this will
be a photo-less post.

I wanted to just 'pen' a little something before I leave
for my trip... I am still nervous, but it has turned to a sort
of nervous-excitement combination.
I am praying quite often for a safe plane ride which is
comforting me a bit, and once I am there
I will be so thankful for having arrived safely, as well as for being priveleged
to see such beautiful sights!  I think it will feel something like a celebration
of having landed, haha
The mountains and cool air will surely be a nice change from the weather
in the South right now also.

It's 11 PM and I am supposed to wake up at 3 AM... I guess that
means I should 'hit the hay'.  Or maybe I should have a long time ago...
My bags are ready to go, my new sandals are waiting to be slipped
on, and my dog has a strange look on her face as if
she knows I'm leaving; there is nothing else to do.

I am feeling jittery and excited and nervous all at the same time right now!
I can't believe I will be in a different, beautiful state in a matter of hours.
I can't wait to see the mountains out the window of the plane
tomorrow, and better yet get to climb them and see the
beauty of the nature surrounding me!

I won't be able to write or share anything for a little over a week as
I will be out in the boonies for a good part of the trip,
so I look forward to sharing many photos when I get back :)

Have a wonderful night and a beautiful
day to come!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Daybook


Outside my window...
I hear the birds chirping, the kitties who frequently visit our back porch are snoozing sweetly, and it is overcast (maybe some rain later today?)

I am thinking...
about what we are going to make for dinner tonight with the things we bought on our grocery run today.  I believe I heard something about potato salad, mmm!

I am thankful...
for prayer, and always will be, because when I just don't feel like talking to anyone about a problem, I can talk to God at anytime of day or night about anything and everything and feel a little better.

In the kitchen...
we have all just finished putting away the groceries, and lunch is being made.

I am wearing...
casual pants and a souvenir shirt I got in Colorado a few years back, and my hair is up off my neck in a bun.

I am creating...
sketches.  I have missed sketching and just started up again a couple of days ago.

I am going...
to try and read my book tonight before I have to turn it in to the library tomorrow.

I am wondering...
a very simple thing actually: what color to paint my nails.

I am reading...
two books about pioneer America that I am really enjoying; that subject has really come to interest me in the past year or so.

I am hoping...
to go play tennis again soon.

I am looking forward to...
the weekend, shopping and preparing for our trip.

I am learning...
about making the best decision possible in a situation.

Around the house...
we just clipped a few of the herbs out of our garden.

A favorite quote for today...
"The True way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

One of my favorite things...
doing and finishing a cross word puzzle- it's stress relieving :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
pack and plan for Colorado and sew.

A peek into my day...

Newly organized sewing patterns.  We used a vintage picnic basket to put them in.

~   ~   ~

Thankyou for reading.
Have a blessed and beautiful day!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I always think of that song whenever
I go on a trip, even if I'm going by car for some reason.
But I really am getting on a plane and leaving on a trip in about
a week!  It became official Sunday when we purchased our flight tickets.

For some reason, everytime we decide to take a trip somewhere far away,
it is never planned.  The idea came up only about a week or so
ago, and nothing was set in stone until we bought the tickets...
So in about a week I am off to Colorado!
I am excited we are going to be seeing family and visiting the sights, but
everytime I go to Colorado I have one issue: getting on the plane.
It's something that scares me, and not just scares me, but sort of haunts me
every day until the day comes when I actually have to get on the plane.
And then when it's over, I always say "That wasn't bad at all, it was actually
kind of fun".  Except I never seem to remember that leading up to
the flight.
I am sort of excited because it's a 6 a.m. flight and for some reason doing
things like this and waking up at some ungodly hour, like 4 in the morning,
makes something all the more exciting.
Yet I can't kick my fear.  And if I have an anxiety attack, my guess is
that they won't stop the plane for me :/

source: the pioneer woman 'confessions' blog
I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently, the Pioneer Woman,
who shared this photograph she took on a plane soon after taking off.
It takes my breath away, and the thought of seeing something so majestic and beautiful
-even if I don't see anything quite this wonderful myself- does make me feel
more motivated to get on a plane.  I almost feel that if I saw a view like this
out the window, I might be so awe-struck I'll forget about my fear.

These are just some thoughts I have had about the plane ride and the trip throughout
the last couple of days.  For now, I will just keep my mind busy by packing
and planning and focusing on the fun I we'll have once we land.
.    .     .

What are your thoughts on flying?
Any recommendations on how to feel calm about flying?
Are you taking any trips this Summer?
.    .     .

Have a blessed day!!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Night Lightning Show

Last night before it started raining,  Mother Nature put
on an amazing show of lightning... my Dad called
me out to the front of our house when he first saw it, telling me to come out
and "look at the sky!"

In the South we get some lightning
with storms, as well as a quite a bit of heat lightning during our 
summers, and I know lightning isn't a rare thing.
And what I saw may not seem special
or neat to everyone, but this lightning was different from most
 lightning I ever get to see.  It was spectacular to watch because of the way
 the clouds were; it lasted about an hour or two and every 
time a flash of lightning came, the clouds glowed with light as if transparent
and you could see their dimension as clearly as if it were daytime... 
and it appeared even brighter because other than the lightning,
the skies were pitch black.

While I was somewhat  frightened of the lightning and loud thunder
 that began accompanying it, I also thought it was rare and beautiful in it's
 own way.  In a certain aspect, seeing it was almost peaceful at the same time.
 So, I decided to film a few seconds of this 'lightning show' to share.
I only wish it could come through as amazing and luminous on the video as it was 
in real life.

Last night while watching that sky, I felt small compared to the massive
clouds lit up above me.  Lightning can be scary, but there is something
 awe-inspiring about seeing it like this.

Is there something you have seen in nature
that awed or amazed you?

Have a beautiful day


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crafts, Candles, Stormy Skies

In my opinion, the most fun things to do on a cozy, rainy day:
1. curl up with a good book
2. play in the rain
3. watch an old classic movie
4. sew or do crafts
5. walk around in a craft store!
Which is what we did yesterday.  On our way to Hobby Lobby,
the sky looked like this...
and by the time we arrived, it was pourin' down outside.
And we had forgotten our umbrella.  But that was okay; I never
really mind getting wet.
It felt perfect that we were there because I love walking around a
place like Hobby Lobby on rainy days.  To me, rainy days are inspirational. 
Hearing the torrential downpour outside, along with the light thunder 
yesterday as we shopped, brought a different feeling to being there,
and it was all the more fun to look around and be inspired and get
 creative ideas.

When we first walked in, I had even more cause for excitement because
they had already gotten their Fall items!  I love the Fall season.
They had fall wreaths and decorations, but best of all they had gotten
all of the wonderful 'scents of fall' Autumn collection of candles!
This one was pumpkin spice, which I will have to get soon, as the one we
got here last year was all used up. 
I was definitely excited to see all of this and feel like Fall is on it's way, but
I felt like the year was really being rushed when I entered the next aisle
and would you believe they already had the Christmas decorations too?!
.         .         .

Browing the aisles, I found some things I had never found before.
Like these neat vintage, Victorian looking decorations for scrapbooking or
even making greeting cards!  They were all so pretty and I hope to do some
sort of project with these in the future, as seeing these along with all of the intricate,
 beautifully designed paper got me thinking of different projects I could do :)

Lovely little dollhouses are so beautiful.
I may be a little old to still play with dolls (though I kept many of mine),
but I would still love to have a doll house like one of these.
They fascinate me with their architechture and fairytale feel.

In the opposite aisle was this house.  I'm not sure if it is meant to be
a dollhouse, but it was rather small and just made of a cardboard-mache
type material.  I thought it would be fun to buy one of these and paint
it up pretty.  I'm not certain of what I could use it for, but it would even make
a neat lantern with all of the little cutouts and windows it has. 

Of course I went to look in the sewing section and to my surprise
it was the day for the dollar patterns sale!  I was so excited to get to pick any
pattern out of the McCall's catalogue.  I bought these 4... a tunic, a fifties-style
dress I can't wait to sew, and two purse patterns.
The gingham fabrics were calling my name, but I decided to wait on fabric.

On the way out, we browsed through the aisles of fun signs and nostalgic
items.  I thought this one was cute.
I loved the Southern flare of it, too.

Afterwards we went home, feeling thankful for the rain and for
a fun outing.  For the rest of the day, I just worked on the dress I am
sewing right now... which I am planning to sew more on today :)

Thankyou for reading.
Wishing you a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain, Rain (Don't) Go Away

I love rain.
I love the pitter patter sound of it on the roof, the way it makes the sky look,
the beaded up drops on my window pane, and the cool crisp feeling in the air.
Yesterday evening we finally got a bit of rain.
Although with that rain came a little bit of thunder and lightning,
it was so wonderful to have a change from the endless heat.
It was supposed to rain again today.
In fact, the chances for today were even higher than those for yesterday,
but today not even a drop fell here... funny how that happens
sometimes.  I was looking forward to another rainy day when I was
gone babysitting today; I brought my book and hoped to sit by a
 window and read with the cozy sounds of rain trickling outside.
But no rain.

It's interesting how you can miss something so simple and take it foregranted
until you haven't had it in a long time.  I do miss rainy days.
Rain is my favorite type of weather (aside from snow, but I think I'm
beginning to forget what it feels like).  A lot of people need sunshine,
but I'd rather have rain most of the time... it just makes
everything more cozy and fun and exciting.  I can remember so
many days at school when I would look out the window and it
would start raining and instantly somehow the day became better..
I think rain is just neat all around though, even the way it falls; how God
made it a certain way so that each drop would individually break upon
hitting a surface so it wouldn't pelt us but land gently instead.

I realize this is turning into a random post about rain.
I guess I'm just writing about it because yesterday's shower is truly
making me miss having rain... and maybe
I am even hoping the 'rain gods' are listening, haha.
More rain please!!

Have a blessed day, whether
rainy or dry
: )

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Huge Harvest

These boiling temperatures have not been so good to my little garden.
I started it in early Spring and, although I had high hopes, things aren't going quite
as well as they could. Most of the sprouts have grown to be tall, yet they are wilting.
I just water them try to keep 'em kicking.  It seems to
keep most of them alive-barely.

This Summer somehow seems hotter than usual as of the past
week or so.  It's reached that point
where you can't go outside without feeling like your baking...
when you open your mouth it feels like your in an oven breathing in steam
(trying to think cold thoughts!).
So I can imagine how the garden must feel being outside directly in
the sun for most of the day.

I am happy that from the little seeds I planted, tall plants have come up
and are growing.  Just not all of them look great.
Since they are struggling, I will spare you a photo of their little
'Death Valley' looking selves.

What I did want to share, however, is this...

This is my great harvest from my tomato plant.
At first I was disappointed but, it's actually kind of funny to me now... my
one little lonely tomato.
I guess I won't be needing to pull out a recipe for tomato-cheese casserole
or even fried green tomatoes anytime soon.
I started growing (or should I say 'attempted growing') tomatoes about two months
 ago and this is all I've gotten. But I have hope that more will follow.

For now...
I'm praying for rain and some cloudy days.

How is your garden dealing with
the heat?

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Day in Pictures: Small Town Fun & Scenery

Today has been so blessed and so much fun.
We just got back from our day trip to a small, quaint town a little
West of here and hit a good few of the antique shops, walked around, and best
of all... spent some time down at the river. Here are some of the
photos from the day :)

I loved the feel of the town when we first got there... I have been there before
but it has been about 12 years or so, so I was really young. 
As soon as we got out of the car,
the cool breeze from the river nearby felt lovely.
The town was also busy and decorated up for the 4th festivities.

Walking across the bridge, which had banners hung up, on our way to
the town square.

Everywhere you looked, the trees were giant.  They were so beautiful
and old, like this one and the one next to it, growing just near the bridge-
the circumference of the trunk was amazing.

The view looking down from the bridge.

The long front porch shared by a few of the shops on the main
part of the square. You know you're in a small, Southern town when
you find somewhere like this with people taking time to sit on a bench
or in a rocker and just watch the world go by.
This is also where I sat to eat this...

I was so excited to find this old-fashioned ice-cream shop!  It was sort of a mix
between that and a candy shoppe, and they also had popcorn.
It was so neat.  I decided to get a cone of Blue Bell Peach ice cream!
So heavenly, it had chunks of actual peach in it. 

One of the first antique shops we went into had this sweet little porch
swing out front.  I loved it.

Inside were some of the neatest things, like old photographs (which I bought a
few of, they were so historical and interesting!), furniture, quilts,
and best of all... clothing (like this 50s dress), hats and shoes.  I failed to photograph them,
but one of my favorite finds today in this shop was a pair of black velvet vintage
shoes that looked to be from the 20's.

A beautiful vintage hat I found; it was so elegant and beautiful
and even had a shimmery gold fabric for the lining up inside.

A lovely 40s or 50s dress...
as with the hat, I love to see and feel vintage things and not only
admire their beauty but try to imagine what type of person loved and
wore that certain piece.

 Before we had to leave (sadly), what I truly enjoyed was walking down
to the edge of the river.  I wanted to get in and swim, but we had no suit.  I hope to
go back before the season is over, though, and maybe swim or canoe to
really enjoy it.
Sitting by this river was so wonderful and it is one of the prettiest, most clear
and lovely rivers I have seen. 
It was uniquely beautiful in that it also had a long line of
trees on either side of the water's edge, creating a high and
 picturesque canopy of trees over the water.

Seeing the sun reflecting on the water, hearing and seeing the splashes as
kids jumped into the water, and just enjoying being there made
me think: this is what summer is really about.

.           .           .
 The drive there and back was nice too... we passed my favorite
kinds of landscape with farms and ranches and hill-country all around.

.         .           .

I am thankful for such an enjoyable day of fun experiencing
small-town history, feel, and scenery!
My only regret is not wearing enough sunblock ;)

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy a blessed day!!

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