Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crafts, Candles, Stormy Skies

In my opinion, the most fun things to do on a cozy, rainy day:
1. curl up with a good book
2. play in the rain
3. watch an old classic movie
4. sew or do crafts
5. walk around in a craft store!
Which is what we did yesterday.  On our way to Hobby Lobby,
the sky looked like this...
and by the time we arrived, it was pourin' down outside.
And we had forgotten our umbrella.  But that was okay; I never
really mind getting wet.
It felt perfect that we were there because I love walking around a
place like Hobby Lobby on rainy days.  To me, rainy days are inspirational. 
Hearing the torrential downpour outside, along with the light thunder 
yesterday as we shopped, brought a different feeling to being there,
and it was all the more fun to look around and be inspired and get
 creative ideas.

When we first walked in, I had even more cause for excitement because
they had already gotten their Fall items!  I love the Fall season.
They had fall wreaths and decorations, but best of all they had gotten
all of the wonderful 'scents of fall' Autumn collection of candles!
This one was pumpkin spice, which I will have to get soon, as the one we
got here last year was all used up. 
I was definitely excited to see all of this and feel like Fall is on it's way, but
I felt like the year was really being rushed when I entered the next aisle
and would you believe they already had the Christmas decorations too?!
.         .         .

Browing the aisles, I found some things I had never found before.
Like these neat vintage, Victorian looking decorations for scrapbooking or
even making greeting cards!  They were all so pretty and I hope to do some
sort of project with these in the future, as seeing these along with all of the intricate,
 beautifully designed paper got me thinking of different projects I could do :)

Lovely little dollhouses are so beautiful.
I may be a little old to still play with dolls (though I kept many of mine),
but I would still love to have a doll house like one of these.
They fascinate me with their architechture and fairytale feel.

In the opposite aisle was this house.  I'm not sure if it is meant to be
a dollhouse, but it was rather small and just made of a cardboard-mache
type material.  I thought it would be fun to buy one of these and paint
it up pretty.  I'm not certain of what I could use it for, but it would even make
a neat lantern with all of the little cutouts and windows it has. 

Of course I went to look in the sewing section and to my surprise
it was the day for the dollar patterns sale!  I was so excited to get to pick any
pattern out of the McCall's catalogue.  I bought these 4... a tunic, a fifties-style
dress I can't wait to sew, and two purse patterns.
The gingham fabrics were calling my name, but I decided to wait on fabric.

On the way out, we browsed through the aisles of fun signs and nostalgic
items.  I thought this one was cute.
I loved the Southern flare of it, too.

Afterwards we went home, feeling thankful for the rain and for
a fun outing.  For the rest of the day, I just worked on the dress I am
sewing right now... which I am planning to sew more on today :)

Thankyou for reading.
Wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. I love this post! What a really fun time you must have had! I am banned from going to Hobby Lobby unless I take a specified amount of cash and a coupon. I have gotten lost in there for hours and my husband has decided not to go with me anymore...LOL! :)

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thankyou for your comment! It really was exciting browsing through the store so leisurely and feeling inspired to create.
      Haha, your comment made me laugh... I agree, it is so hard to pull yourself away from a place like Hobby Lobby (and not spend) when you love crafting! And I'm right there with ya- if I had been there without someone I would have stayed in the sewing section until the store closed, or until they kicked me out, haha ;)

      Have a blessed day,


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