Friday, July 6, 2012

My Huge Harvest

These boiling temperatures have not been so good to my little garden.
I started it in early Spring and, although I had high hopes, things aren't going quite
as well as they could. Most of the sprouts have grown to be tall, yet they are wilting.
I just water them try to keep 'em kicking.  It seems to
keep most of them alive-barely.

This Summer somehow seems hotter than usual as of the past
week or so.  It's reached that point
where you can't go outside without feeling like your baking...
when you open your mouth it feels like your in an oven breathing in steam
(trying to think cold thoughts!).
So I can imagine how the garden must feel being outside directly in
the sun for most of the day.

I am happy that from the little seeds I planted, tall plants have come up
and are growing.  Just not all of them look great.
Since they are struggling, I will spare you a photo of their little
'Death Valley' looking selves.

What I did want to share, however, is this...

This is my great harvest from my tomato plant.
At first I was disappointed but, it's actually kind of funny to me now... my
one little lonely tomato.
I guess I won't be needing to pull out a recipe for tomato-cheese casserole
or even fried green tomatoes anytime soon.
I started growing (or should I say 'attempted growing') tomatoes about two months
 ago and this is all I've gotten. But I have hope that more will follow.

For now...
I'm praying for rain and some cloudy days.

How is your garden dealing with
the heat?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Oh sad! I know the feeling though. Our spring garden is almost done for the season. There are a few tomato plants hanging in there and of course the okra is going crazy, but the rest is dying. So I am getting prepared for our fall garden and looking for alpaca manure to till into the soil to help make it richer.

    I hope that you get a bit more out of your garden!


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