Sunday, July 15, 2012

Night Lightning Show

Last night before it started raining,  Mother Nature put
on an amazing show of lightning... my Dad called
me out to the front of our house when he first saw it, telling me to come out
and "look at the sky!"

In the South we get some lightning
with storms, as well as a quite a bit of heat lightning during our 
summers, and I know lightning isn't a rare thing.
And what I saw may not seem special
or neat to everyone, but this lightning was different from most
 lightning I ever get to see.  It was spectacular to watch because of the way
 the clouds were; it lasted about an hour or two and every 
time a flash of lightning came, the clouds glowed with light as if transparent
and you could see their dimension as clearly as if it were daytime... 
and it appeared even brighter because other than the lightning,
the skies were pitch black.

While I was somewhat  frightened of the lightning and loud thunder
 that began accompanying it, I also thought it was rare and beautiful in it's
 own way.  In a certain aspect, seeing it was almost peaceful at the same time.
 So, I decided to film a few seconds of this 'lightning show' to share.
I only wish it could come through as amazing and luminous on the video as it was 
in real life.

Last night while watching that sky, I felt small compared to the massive
clouds lit up above me.  Lightning can be scary, but there is something
 awe-inspiring about seeing it like this.

Is there something you have seen in nature
that awed or amazed you?

Have a beautiful day



  1. I LOVE lightening!!! Thank you for sharing this. I love how it brings nutrients into the soil for plants, how beautiful it is, how diverse every lightening bolt is. Gorgeous!

    Wait till you see my post tomorrow...we had rain too. I will share what we saw. :)

    1. Hello Joy!
      Thankyou for reading and commenting. When I was writing this post after filming the lightning, in the back of my head I was a little hesitant to put it up... thinking that maybe it wasn't as special or interesting as I thought. I am glad to hear someone else thinks lightning has beauty too! Looking forward to reading your post about the rain :) The showers in these parts lately have been crazy haven't they?
      & I agree, lightning is so wonderful for it's biological benefits as well as the captivating scene it provides.
      I only wish it wasn't dangerous; you probably heard about the fatalities and injuries that happened recently with all the storms across the nation.

      Have a wonderful evening,


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