Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain, Rain (Don't) Go Away

I love rain.
I love the pitter patter sound of it on the roof, the way it makes the sky look,
the beaded up drops on my window pane, and the cool crisp feeling in the air.
Yesterday evening we finally got a bit of rain.
Although with that rain came a little bit of thunder and lightning,
it was so wonderful to have a change from the endless heat.
It was supposed to rain again today.
In fact, the chances for today were even higher than those for yesterday,
but today not even a drop fell here... funny how that happens
sometimes.  I was looking forward to another rainy day when I was
gone babysitting today; I brought my book and hoped to sit by a
 window and read with the cozy sounds of rain trickling outside.
But no rain.

It's interesting how you can miss something so simple and take it foregranted
until you haven't had it in a long time.  I do miss rainy days.
Rain is my favorite type of weather (aside from snow, but I think I'm
beginning to forget what it feels like).  A lot of people need sunshine,
but I'd rather have rain most of the time... it just makes
everything more cozy and fun and exciting.  I can remember so
many days at school when I would look out the window and it
would start raining and instantly somehow the day became better..
I think rain is just neat all around though, even the way it falls; how God
made it a certain way so that each drop would individually break upon
hitting a surface so it wouldn't pelt us but land gently instead.

I realize this is turning into a random post about rain.
I guess I'm just writing about it because yesterday's shower is truly
making me miss having rain... and maybe
I am even hoping the 'rain gods' are listening, haha.
More rain please!!

Have a blessed day, whether
rainy or dry
: )


  1. What a great post! Down here we have had rain for several days which is great that minerals are getting back into the garden soil. It is expected to keep raining till Saturday.

    If you love rain, here is a study I found on Americas top 10 rainiest cities...in some you could get up to 59 rainy days a year! http://www.livescience.com/1558-study-reveals-top-10-wettest-cities.html

    1. Hi Joy!
      How great you are getting lots of rain! It is definitely a privelege to get it when needed most in the midst of a Texas summer (& like you mentioned: the soil needs it). The rain you've gotten must have been the rain we got after it moved south of you since I'm just a little below you on the map ;) But I don't know what happened to the rest of it?

      Thank you for that link, that was so thoughtful to share it. I guess if I ever decide to move to one of those rainy places, I won't have to give up the South and there's even one in Tx!

      Thanks so much for your comment.
      Have a wonderful day,


  2. I actually enjoyed reading your "random" post about rain.

    Personally, I am not a fan of rain. I'm one of those girls who prefers the sunshine. However, too much sunshine makes me crazy! My favorite season is autumn (that is, when we can get it, as that season is usually "skipped" in my part of the world). I like the cool crisp air, and I LOVE how all the leaves change into different colors. I like autumn because it's not too hot or too cold, and it usually doesn't rain (well, at least not alot). :)

    However, since you have had a major heat wave, I can understand why you would want rain. I think that I would too.


    1. Hello Mara!
      Thankyou, I am so glad you enjoyed this post even if it was a little random ;) I have many friends and family members that feel like you do, and I can understand... I definitely have some days where I just 'wanna soak up the sun' and feel it's warmth more than anything. I guess that is part of our human instinct, just more in some people than others.
      Oh, Fall is a wonderful season! I could not agree more that it is beautiful with all of the changing leaves, and now that you mention it there really is a great balance in the weather and tempuratures!

      Thankyou so much for reading and commenting.
      God Bless,


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