Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Whole Other Country... {Trip Photographs}

That's how different it felt to be in Colorado.
Another way I can describe it, as I recently did when sharing my vacation with one of my closest friends, is that it was like being inside an incredible painting.
Everywhere I looked there was beauty that took my breath away.

The journey of this vacation was AMAZING!!  God is wonderful and I cannot thank him enough for this experience, allowing me to see His glorious creations, and for the blessing of arriving there and home safely.
I am sooo excited to share the photos from my trip today!  I have organized and sorted through them, and it was a little difficult to choose which ones to include- I was quite camera happy during this trip- but I hope I picked the best to share.

Fair warning: You will see a lot of nature, and will probably be able to tell I am fascinated by the beauty of sunsets and clouds ;)

Our first day near the mountains.  The moment we drove around the pass on the way to my
Grandma(who we stayed with for part of our trip)'s ranch, I was so excited.  This is the view from the
gate to her driveway as we drove through it.  I could have stared forever.

One day we went to this sweet little restaurant.  I loved the name, and they had such good
country-style home-cooking that reminded me of home.

The day we spent in the little town nearby...

I tasted a little bit of heaven in this ice cream.  I bought it from an old-fashioned soda shoppe there
and it is the most amazing, cocoa-y, smooth chocolate ice cream I have ever had!  Ever since, I
have been having withdrawals.  This is a reason in itself to go back next summer!

There is an Amish community just outside of town.  They were there to sell goods for the day and were
so kind.  I thought their horse and buggie was so neat :)

Almost every afternoon, there were multiple rainshowers.  It was neat to see the skies go a little bit
darker and then pour from different areas- you could see the sheets of rain from afar falling on the
prairies and hills, and way up in the mountains.

Seeing the sun setting behind a mountain range is like nothing else.
.     .     .

Trip into the mountains...
It was so incredible being up in the mountains.  I loved it.  And I was especially thankful we didn't
run into any bears!

I loved the experience of just seeing different trees than in the South.  Beautiful Pines & Aspens.

We came across countless beautiful streams and small waterfalls. 
All of the water we saw, including lakes like this one, were the most peaceful and tranquil part
of being up there...
You  may notice what a lovely scene I thought this lake was by how many photos and different
angles I took of it ;)

I loved this spot.  It was so tranquil and very quiet, except for the lovely trickling sounds of the water.

While I have come to enjoy hiking, I enjoyed riding the trails on Atv's.  We rode all the way up to
the top of the mountain.  It was so much fun, but bumpy and tough to hold on at times- they don't call
it the 'rocky' mountains for nothing, haha.

This was such a pretty area with the water running below the trees.  I walked across the rocks the water
was running over, but only after this picture was taken did it hit me how cold the water was! 

This is a second lake we came upon on our adventure at the highest point we could get to on the mountain.  Again, I took quite a few pictures, and enjoyed every minute of the serene beauty of this meadow and lake.

Something I noticed only the last time I visited Colorado is that, because of the high elevations, you can see the shadows of the clouds on the land below them.  Awesome.

One of our last evenings, we went on a ride around my Grandmother's land.  She gave us sort of a tour just before the sun began to go down.  Being in the wide, open spaces mixed with rolling hills was like a dream.

We came to the top of one hill that evening and she showed us this grave.  It is the burial place of a Pioneer child that must have passed away along the hard journey west.  It was such a solemn, yet interesting moment to be standing there.

This trip was such a blessing and every day was so fun and memorable.  & I may have been afraid of running into any wild animals in the mountains, but really the only slightly traumatic thing about my time there was having to take an absolutely freezing cold shower at my Grandmother's, who has no hot water, haha.  It definitely woke me up.  Many aspects of staying with her and living so simply were neat, though... like helping her harvest the eggs from her chickens and fresh vegetables from her garden.

Those are my trip photos!
Thank you so much for reading!

Hope you have a blessed day!!


  1. Wow...gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Now I simply must visit Colorado as I have flown over it, but never even drove through. Thank you again, I love this post and am so glad that you are back! :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the photos Joy! I really hope you get the chance to visit Colorado sometime in your life- I am sure you would absolutely love experiencing the beauty and scenery!

      Thankyou for your kind comment :)
      Have a wonderful evening,

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a beautiful place, so full of nature and wonderful views, the photos are just stunning. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.



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