Monday, August 6, 2012


Since I've been back home, I have done a few things...
made brownies, slammed my finger in a door, started a pet-sitting job
for the week, read, written a letter and a half,
and started watching the Olympics.

I love the Olympics- the winter games probably a little more
than the summer games- but my favorite part of the entire event out of both
seasons is gymnastics.  It absolutely amazes me what the gymnasts
are able to do with their bodies and the strength that they have.
  My favorite event... well actually, that's a pretty tough
thing to decide, but I would have to go with the uneven bars.
It is a beautiful event with the fluidity and grace of their movements.

My second favorite sport involved is diving.  Again, it is has a certain beauty
and grace to it and I find it so interesting to watch.

The Olympics is not only neat to watch, but it is inspiring in my opinion.  That is
another reason I enjoy it, and although I do have favorite events and sports within it,
 I think that every one of those girls and boys and men and women are strong and
so respectable.
The perseverance you know they went through to get where they are today
to use the talents they have been blessed with is an inspiration in itself!


If you enjoy the Olympics, what is your favorite event?


Have a blessed evening :)

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